Monday, March 2, 2009

Former Wildcat Mike Casey Speaks His Mind on Billy Gillispie

Here's an excerpt from A Sea of Blue taken from a recent interview with former Kentucky Wildcat star Mike Casey:

ASOB -- Coach Gillipsie has now coached 60 games at UK. What type of job do you think he's doing so far?

Casey -- "First of all, I think he's in over his head. I think he has no clue as to what's going on in the game."
"I just don't think he knows what it means to coach at UK. I hate to say it, but a change has to be made, and soon, or we're going to lose what UK is all about. Ask (Richie) Farmer, or (John) Pelphrey, or (Deron) Feldhaus what it means to play at Kentucky. Ask them what that "Kentucky" across their chests means. Somehow we've let that go. If we lost we came out fightin' mad; we weren't going to lose two in a row. It's beyond me why (Mitch) Barnhart and (Lee) Todd put up with it."

ASOB -- With the way the season is turning out, can you tell us what type of pressure the players are under?

Casey -- "They're under tremendous pressure because of the prestige ... getting embarrassed on national TV. This (the South Carolina game) isn't the first time."

My Thoughts: I greatly respect Mike Casey as a Wildcat legend and I'm not shocked to hear such a strong opinion from someone that truly loves Kentucky basketball. I am a little disappointed that he made his opinion so public. I have found myself extremely frustrated at many aspects of this season, but I think it does the team no favors to have this kind of stuff floating around publicly. I think its fair for Big Blue Nation to ask questions, have concern and show disappointment. However, I also think its fair to give Coach Gillispie a fair chance and that extends past only two seasons. Besides that, there is still a lot of basketball to be played THIS season. Its is hardly time to circle the wagons at this point.

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