Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Chinese Shooting Guard to Replace Jodie Meeks?

This week, we have been discussing various thoughts and rumors concerning Jodie Meeks' vacated scholarship and what Kentucky coach John Calipari may do with it. We have eliminated the thought that Matt Pilgrim could return and completely thrown out the idea that Kentucky may go after the much-maligned Lance Stephenson.

Tonight, we investigate the thought that John Calipari has found a future star in the Far Eastern land of China. Calipari recently spent a week in China on a goodwill tour of conducting basketball clinics and networking with various Chinese coaches. He has openly stated several times that he fully intends to bring one or even several Chinese basketball coaches to Lexington to serve as assistants on the Kentucky sidelines during the 2009-10. Is it possible that he has also discovered an up-and-coming amateur superstar that he can bring to Kentucky with the team's open scholarship?

I find this scenario to be highly unlikely, but I must admit that I find this to be the most intriguing situation that has been discussed so far. I am filled with excitement when I consider the possibility of bringing a Chinese import to the SEC. A ground-breaking development of this magnitude would surely help Calipari open a "Chinese pipeline" of talent that has previously gone untapped. It would likely make the Kentucky Wildcats be a primary focus of thousands, if not millions, of citizens in the densely populated land of China.

My Thoughts: I love the prospects of Calipari's innovative ideas involving China. That being said, I do not think the vacated scholarship will be used on a Chinese recruit. I have a feeling that we will see a Chinese player on the Kentucky roster at some point in the next five years, but not in 2009-10.


Anonymous said...

YOu make a no-brainer solution for UK in DESPERATE need for a shooter, and then give a disclaimer.


2010-2011, we'll still be looking for a shooter and we'll have lost three players to the NBA. It'll be UK 2008-2009 again.

It's this year or never.

BluegrassHoopster said...

I didn't intend for it to come off as a disclaimer. I think it would be a brilliant idea (providing it is someone talented enough to compete at this level). I don't think it will happen, however.

Wildcat Blue in a sea of orange said...

I don't think Cal can logistically just go over and pluck a Chinese player and bring him over and as Calipari tweeted during that time, he was there during a period of "non observation" where he could not observe players.

BluegrassHoopster said...

I don't think it'll happen this season, but soon, there will be a Chinese recruit wearing blue, IMO.

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