Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Starting to Look Like Deep SAT

There are reports coming out that a third recent Memphis player had questionable test scores in high school.

First, it was superstar point guard Derrick Rose. Next, we learned that Robert Dozier has an SAT score that was flagged and he was not accepted at Georgia. Now, reports have surfaced that guard Doneal Mack was not allowed into Florida after his test score was flagged.

Jeff Goodman at reports the following:

While at Statesville Christian (N.C.), he took the ACT for the first time and received a score that was on a verge of qualifying. He took it again, the score jumped significantly and it was flagged.

Florida, where he was committed to at the time, said he had to take it a third time in order to be admitted. His third score was slightly higher than the first one, but was still thrown out because it wasn’t high enough.

Florida deemed him inadmissible and he wound up qualifying to play at Memphis – where his third test score was admissible.

That means that three of the top six scorers from John Calipari's team last season have question marks with their test scores.

My Thoughts: Once again, innocent or not, this adds to the media's negative image of John Calipari.


Anonymous said...

Good luck Kentucky!!!! Cal is going to bring you a lot of headaches!!! As much as you are all enjoying this for Memphis, the truth is your time is coming!!! Now, aren't you glad you got Cal?? We are here in Memphis!!!! Everyday it looks a little more like Kentucky did Memphis a favor!!! Ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Memphis will never win a title. We have 7.

Who's laughing now?

Anonymous said...

Florida had enough PG's at the time anyway at this time. Who cares that he took a standardized test more than're probably sitting next to someone who's taken an ACT/SAT more than once that doesn't go around bragging about the fact. It's also very possible for ACT scores to jump significantly since the test is on a scale of 1-36 (or 38, it's been 11 years since I took it). I'd like to know what was deemed significant. I've known people to retake it and jump 6 or 7 points and never be a window of only 36/38 pts, that's pretty significant.

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