Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pat Forde Tweets About UK's Schedule Release

ESPN analyst Pat Forde, who happens to be a Louisville native, had this to say on Twitter this morning:

"Kentucky being Kentucky, it is turning the release of its schedule into a live television event. Yes, I am serious."

"And trust me, it will get ratings."

Kentucky is being Kentucky and Pat Forde is being Pat Forde.


MJ said...

And Pat Forde, being Pat Forde, still has his head stuck up Rick Pitino's ass.

Anonymous said...

What MJ said....!

Anonymous said...

so why do you envy UofK so bad Pat? U dog coach Cal so bad about the Rose test score when he was actually cleared by the NCAA to play. So shouldnt it be there fault not his? Also why havent u dogged u dad Ricky P for the rape deal and the whole abortion thing? thats right u have a motive and its to sell those books i forgot. good day Pat

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