Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Live Coverage of Kentucky Blue/White Game

It is approximately 10 minutes before tip-off of the 2009 UK Blue/White game. I am situated in the media area.

Rupp Arena is approximately 50% full at the moment...

- I'm lined up with some of my fellow bloggers - Danny Jett's Inner Circle, StraightPinkie, Rush the Court and Kentucky Sports Radio...

- Miller, Wall, Cousin, Bledsoe, Patterson on the Blue team

- Dodson, Hood, Stevenson, Orton, Liggins on the White team

- First observation: Patterson is in tremendous shape
- Blue team opens in a full court man-to-man press
- Cousins limping after landing awkwardly on a layup
- Patterson's first drive to the basket looked very impressive; missed shot, but great move
- Wall lobs to Cousins for a nice dunk
- 14:24 first half; timeout on the court; Blue 16 White 8
- Liggins appears much more comfortable on the court than he did last season
- This has been a sloppy segment of the game
- Mark Krebs with a nice-looking 3-pointer
- 11:37 first half; timeout on the court; Blue 16 White 13
- Dodson flips to the Blue team and drains a 3-pointer; Dodson with 5 in a row
- 8 consecutive points for Dodson
- Just showed Delk and Padgett on the big screens; loud ovation for both - great to see
- Ramon Harris just drained a 3-pointer
- 7:31 first half; timeout on the court; Blue 28 White 20
- An observation - Hood has a ton of confidence for a freshman
- Liggins has already "fouled out"; announcer got a joke in and the whole arena laughed
- Wayne Turner on the big screen; another loud pop from the crowd
- Nice alley-oop pass to Patterson for the dunk
- 3:11 first half; timeout on the court; Blue 37 White 23
- Not sure what the crowd was just saying, sounded like "B.J. Mesley! B.J. Mesley!"
- Again, the crowd with a weird chant; sounded like "Clarence Bones! Clarence Bones!"
- Patrick Patterson just drained a 3-pointer; good-looking jumper
- Patterson ends the half with a nice, turn-around jumper in the lane
- Halftime: Blue 49 White 27
- Harris drains a 3-pointer early in the 2nd half; that is three for him tonight
- Interesting note that you can't see on TV; Coach Calipari has a whistle and has used it
- A few first half stats: Harrellson was 5-12 for 10 points and 10 rebounds
- "What's your favorite color baby? Blue and White!" A little Mony Mony at Rupp...
- First Half: Hood was 3-12; Patterson had 15 points and 5 rebounds; Dodson 10 points (4-7)
- Liggins has more fouls than you'll ever see in a game
- Hood has heated up in the 2nd half; he looks much more confident
- 11:45 second half; Blue 20 White 18 (Note: rosters are changed significantly)
- Standing ovation for the one and only Joe B. Hall during the break
- Patterson with another 3-pointer; Hood drains another 3-pointer
- Announcer: "Foul is on Liggins That's the team's fifth."
- Liggins has 8 fouls
- Bad call by the ref - everyone in the arena boo's
- Someone 20 rows behind me just screamed, "Shoot it Krebs! Come on!!!"
- Patterson dunks on one end and brings the house down; huge roar
- Miller dunks on the other end to extend the buzz
- Attendance 14,060 - a new Blue/White game record
- Ron Mercer on the big screens; another loud cheer
- Very loud Blue - White cheer in the arena during the break
- 5:48 second half; Blue 37 White 28
- Nice lob dunk to Daniel Orton; huge roar in Rupp
- The level of athleticism on this team is big-time
- 4:00 second half; Blue 43 White 32
- Harrellson drains another 3-pointer; followed by Harris with another 3-pointer
- Believe it or not, there are a few in the crowd that are heckling the refs
- Another 3-pointer for Dodson; I thought this team couldn't shoot?
- A 3-pointer for Orton
- Wall with a huge reverse dunk; then a tomahawk ON THE WRONG END to end the game
- Wall shows great energy to the fans as the game ends
- 2nd Half Score: Blue 57 White 47

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