Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tobias Harris Journal: It's Crunch Time

Tobias Harris, the #5 recruit on the Rivals150 List for 2010, is now 12 days away from announcing his college choice. This is the Tobias Harris Journal, an all access feature from that intends to illustrate the high-major recruiting process through the eyes of the recruit.

Tobias is now a little over a week away from announcing his college decision to the world. He will still visit Maryland and Georgia Tech before making a decision and announcing it on Thursday, November 19.

It's Crunch Time:

Today, Tobias took a break from running before school. During his 8th and 9th period class, he was able to get some time in the gym to work on a few things with an assistant coach. Today, he worked primarily on coming off ball screens, spacing and jumpers in the paint.

After school, he worked out with speed coach Britton Kelley for two hours and then capped the night off with two hours in the gym.

I could tell that Tobias was pretty excited tonight when I talked to him and it didn't take long to figure out why - he doesn't have school tomorrow and he is actually going to sleep in "until about 11 or so."

I asked him where he is in the decision-making process now that he's just a little over one week away from announcement day.

"I don't have a favorite yet and I haven't eliminated anyone. I have been talking a lot with my older brother about the different colleges and stuff."

He added that his family is not trying to persuade him in any direction.

"They talk to me about everywhere," he said.

Has Tobias eliminated any schools, yet:


I told him that he's starting to make me nervous and he's the one that is trying to make the decision. He chuckled.

Tobias asked me to pass along the Twitter accounts of his two brothers so everyone can follow them. His younger brother, Tyler, is a name you will want to follow as he has the potential to be a great basketball player.

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