Tuesday, November 17, 2009

John Wall Nails Game-Winner as UK Defeats Miami

Kentucky 72
Miami (OH) 70

Final from Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky

I represented AllKYHoops.com at Rupp Arena last night and offered live coverage from the game. Here are a few notes I made and some quotes that were made during the post-game coverage:

First, Kentucky's John Wall nails the game-winner:

Basketball Analysis:


Key Individual Stats:

Cousins: 5-15 FG 10 PTS 10 REB 2 BLK
Patterson: 6-8 FG 1-2 3PT 17 PTS 10 REB
Bledsoe: 1-5 FG 2 PTS 3 AST 4 TO
Dodson: 3-4 FG 3-4 3PT 9 PTS 18 MIN
Miller: 4-6 FG 9 PTS 5 REB
Orton: 3-5 FG 6 PTS
Wall: 4-9 FG 10-14 FT 19 PTS 5 AST 3 STL 5 TO

Team: 26-53 FG 6-11 3PT 14-24 FT 15 TO

Miami (OH)

Key Individual Stats:

Winbush: 9-13 FG 8-10 3PT 26 PTS 6 REB
Hayes: 5-13 FG 4-6 3PT 16 PTS 5 AST 4 REB 7 TO

Team: 15-26 3PT

Head-to-Head Key Stats:

Game Rebounds: UK 37 MU 25
Game Turnovers: UK 15 MU 16
Game Free Throws: MU 9-12 UK 14-24

Post-Game Press Conference Quotes:

John Calipari, Kentucky Head Coach

On the game:

"For us to win a game when they go 15-26 from the three-point line...I can't believe we won the game."

"How in the world did we win?"

"Any issues...shot selection...that's all me."

"I was ecstatic we got down 18 cause I wanted to see what we were made of."

On DeMarcus Cousins:

"DeMarcus Cousins went and did the things that he's capable of when he has a smile on his face and not a frown."

On Darius Miller:

"I told Darius I was really happy to see him play that way."

On Patrick Patterson:

"We need him more assertive. We want him to want the ball more. He has to be the catalyst. He's the veteran guy."

Charlie Coles, Miami Head Coach

On the game:

"That was a good game. That was a good game. Uh, I enjoyed it. I didn't enjoy the outcome, but I did enjoy the game."

On Nick Winbush:

"Nick done Well. Nick was the best shooter on the floor tonight."

"I'm proud of Nick."

When asked "how'd this one get away from you?":

"I can't believe you asked that. I really can't believe it. Let me see here...Kentucky Wildcats...#4 in the country. I'm hearing four first round draft choices and you're asking me how that got away from me? Why don't you ask John why it was so close? Wow, I'm not going to answer that question, man. Get beat. We come up with a brilliant effort. Wow, how things change."

"I'm not mad at you but where have you been? And where are you from, sir?"

Listen to Miami head coach Charlie Coles (I promise you want to listen to this)

Listen to Calipari's Entire Postgame Press Conference (via John Clay)

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