Friday, November 13, 2009

Ex-Cat Rajon Rondo Understands that NBA is a Business

Excerpt of a very interesting article about Rajon Rondo from

It’s mid-October, and Rajon Rondo was still negotiating his future with the team. “This is a business,” Rondo explains, his eyes flickering over the shoulder of the person to whom he’s talking, taking in everything going on as his teammates shoot free throws and crack wise with one another out on the court beyond. There is a shrewdness in the compass of his gaze, and a kind of universal comprehension. And he measures every word, every thought by the syllable. He reveals very little, but he misses nothing.

“It’s never permanent,” he continues. “The next generation of Celtics? Naw, I don’t think like that. You can’t guarantee anything in this league. There’s a total of, I think, six guys who have played their entire careers for one team. I mean, Kevin [Garnett, his Celtics teammate] has been traded. It may have been his option, but he got traded. Ray [Allen] got traded. Those are future Hall of Fame players. A couple of summers ago, Kobe [Bryant, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers] was about to be traded, supposedly to Denver. Nobody in this league is guaranteed to be in one place.”

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