Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tobias Harris Journal: Leaving Atlanta Soon; Decision Time

Tobias Harris, the #5 recruit on the Rivals150 List for 2010, is now 12 days away from announcing his college choice. This is the Tobias Harris Journal, an all access feature from AllKYHoops.com that intends to illustrate the high-major recruiting process through the eyes of the recruit.

Tobias will be wrapping up his Georgia Tech visit early tomorrow and he will return home to make his college choice. He will sit down with his family and make a decision and he is still on schedule to make his announcement as planned on Thursday.

I asked him how things are going at Georgia Tech:

"It has been a good visit."

Today was a busy day for Tobias:

- He watched the team practice
- He also watched individual practice
- Earlier today, he met with the academic staff at the university
- He took a full campus tour

He also "chilled with the guys."

After observing practice, Tobias stated, "I really liked the work ethic of the guys."

I asked Tobias if he had any concerns about the size of a city like Atlanta:

"I really liked the whole atmosphere and wouldn't mind it at all."

Has Tobias made a decision yet? "Nope."

Has he narrowed his list yet? "Nah, I'm not going to narrow it. I'm just going to decide."

One high school star, seven basketball programs and three days...where will Tobias go?


Anonymous said...

Syracuse is my guess. What's your guess?

BluegrassHoopster said...

I don't think it would be fair to Tobias if I started making guesses after talking to him daily for 2 weeks. I have a decent handle on where he stands and I think he honestly doesn't know himself, yet.

B. Gardner said...

Just curious....assuming Tobias ends up choosing UK, is your All Access coverage of his recruitment going to be looked upon unfavorably by the NCAA watchdogs?

BluegrassHoopster said...

No, I'm not a UK site by any means.

Misterbigcard said...

I hope that he comes to the Ville. But I've been told that it's between Syracuse and Tennessee.

Anonymous said...

He is all Vol, went to Knoxville last night after the GT visit. Bank it! Vols with a Top 5 class now than Pinkston will join the group too.

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