Sunday, November 8, 2009

WVU Visit Ends; Back to Work for Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris, the #5 recruit on the Rivals150 List for 2010, is now 12 days away from announcing his college choice. This is the Tobias Harris Journal, an all access feature from that intends to illustrate the high-major recruiting process through the eyes of the recruit.

Tobias Completes West Virginia Visit and Returns Home:

Tobias Harris has returned from his West Virginia visit and is preparing for the week ahead. He spent part of the evening catching up on some homework, which led me to ask him how much difficultly he has with academics during such a hectic time in his life.

He responded, "It's not hard keeping up with school. During the day, I have some off-periods and stuff. I get it done during the day so I can have time to do all the workouts after school."

He is now 12 days away from announcing his college decision. Does he have a favorite at this point?

"Right now, I don't have a favorite. I just have a lot of great schools. I think this is going to be a very tough decision for me, but I think it's a great opportunity to be in this spot."

He has not officially eliminated any schools yet and the deciding factor "will come when I sit down with my family and decide."

Now that he has returned from West Virginia, he'll return to business as usual tomorrow.

"Tomorrow I'm going to wake up at 5:00 and go run 2 miles with Chris Cox. After school, I'll take a nap from 2:00-5:00 then go with my speed trainer Britton Kelley. From 8:00-10:00, I'll workout with my dad at the gym."

I have talked to Tobias almost daily for over a week now. If I were asked to give my opinions on Tobias, I would say:

- he's one of the nicest young men in his position that I have ever talked to
- he has as good a work ethic as you'll find in a 16-17 year old kid
- one thing he seems big on is personal relationships
- the fans at WVU, UK, U of L, UT, UM, GT or SU are going to love Tobias Harris

Something you may not know about Tobias:

He has picked up the nickname "Nobody's Smiling"

He says he was tagged with that name by Bobito Garcia at Rucker Park during the Elite 24 and he has heard it a lot since.

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