Friday, March 19, 2010

Auburn "Close to Hiring" Minnesota Coach Tubby Smith

Dennis Dodd of is reporting on his blog this morning that former Kentucky coach Tubby Smith may be heading back to the SEC.

Here is an excerpt from Dodd's blog:

Auburn is "close to hiring" Tubby Smith as its new basketball coach, a source that I trust told me Thursday night.

Charles Goldberg of The Birmingham News writes that Auburn is willing to increase pay for the head coaching position and is targeting Smith.

I was aware that Auburn hoped to make a minority hire for the position and had heard Oliver Purnell's name tossed around. I have to think Smith would be a better hire than Purnell and it would be great to see the Smith's back in the SEC.

Tubby working out a deal for a new job before his team plays in the postseason...where have I heard that before?



Anonymous said...

John Calipari last year at Memphis.
His wife was spotted in Arizona house shopiing...and he was interviewing for the Arizona job before UK called him.

Anonymous said...

John Calipari at Memphis, last year.
Before the Memphis/Missouri game,his wife Ellen was seen house hunting in Arizona.
Cal was seeking the Arizona job (January of that year he and AD RC Johnson had been handed a letter from the NCAA notifying them of a coming $hit$torm).
During this time, UK called, and the rest is history.

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