Saturday, March 13, 2010

More NBA Minutes Likely for Ex-Cat Jodie Meeks

There is good news for Jodie Meeks today as 76ers' head coach Eddie Jordan says that more minutes are likely for the ex-Kentucky sharpshooter.

"You'd like to get him in there with maybe three minutes to go in the quarter or half, or maybe if you're up a lot, you'd like to get him in there," Jordan said. "But right now, when we're down and we have a deficit, I still want to go with our guys to show we're still fighting in there.

"You know what happens when you put a rookie in with maybe four to go and you're down 15. It's a sign of 'OK, we're going to give him some minutes and let it go.' But we're still fighting. And I've talked to him, and he's going to get some minutes. But we don't want to give him minutes at the expense of the feeling of 'This game is over with.' "


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