Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Fake Eric Bledsoe Declares for the NBA Draft

Some of you likely read a Twitter post from Eric Bledsoe last night that stated his intentions to enter the NBA Draft.

Many other people saw it, as well, including ESPN's own Pat Forde. Forde and many others re-tweeted the message for their followers to see.

But wait, there was one big problem, the original message came from a fake Twitter account and was not the real Eric Bledsoe at all.

The fake account, known as EricBledsoe24, was exposed as a fraud earlier in the season by the University of Kentucky. Still, the account manages to have over 4,750 followers - including several members of the national media.

Here are some of the messages from last night:

EricBledsoe24 Entering the draft. big blue has been good thanks guys.

Forde goes all in:

espn4d Expected UK exodus picks up steam. RT @EricBledsoe24 Entering the draft. big blue has been good thanks guys.

Then says oops:

espn4d Bledsoe account looks like a fake, FYI. Regret the re-tweet

For the record, the Fake John Wall is very happy with last night's shenanigans. Believe it or not, the FAKE John Wall Twitter account has almost 19,000 followers. That is even after I interviewed the guy and he admitted that it is fake.

NOTE: No word yet on where the fake Eric Bledsoe will be drafted.

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