Monday, June 14, 2010

Rajon Rondo is Becoming the Man in Boston

I have said several times during the playoffs that former Kentucky point guard Rajon Rondo is quickly becoming the man for the Boston Celtics.

When Rondo plays well, the Celtics play well. When Rondo has an off night, the Celtics struggle.

The Celtics this season remind me of that really good team in your local city league that has a roster full of older, experienced men - the ones that play the game the right way. They play hard, they play smart and they just know how to win. Those teams always have a younger guy or two that are just plain good. Rondo is that younger guy on a Celtics roster that is loaded with star-level NBA veterans.

While Rondo has played through ups and downs during his five-year NBA career, he made the All Star team this season and has really exploded during the Celtics' magical playoff run.

Last night, he scored a "dagger" bucket that was reminiscent of Bird to D.J. - "Now there's a steal by Bird! Underneath to DJ! He lays it up and in!!"

This time was Paul Pierce with the amazing catch and the dish to Rondo:

Here is an excerpt from the article that talks about Rondo's "dagger play":

In the end, Rondo played the role of human dagger to the wheezing Lakers. With less than 36 seconds to play and the Celtics scrambling to protect a 5-point lead, Paul Pierce snared a long inbounds pass from Kevin Garnett and fired an off-balance, cross-court chest pass toward Rondo. At that, Rondo darted away from his helpless defender, Ron Artest, and scored an uncontested reverse layup to stretch Boston’s lead to 89-82.

The difference proved insurmountable as the Lakers failed to creep closer than 5 points the rest of the way.

“I wouldn’t say [it was] the dagger, but it was definitely the momentum shift,’’ Garnett said. “Huge play, because if we don’t get that play, then they come out, and if they scored, it’s a tighter game.’’

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Rajon Rondo is quickly becoming "the man" in Boston.

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