Thursday, August 5, 2010

Karen Sypher Found Guilty on All Counts

Karen Cunagin Sypher has been found guilty on all six counts in the Rick Pitino extortion trial. She will face up to 26 years in prison for demanding millions of dollars from Pitino following their sexual encounter in 2003.

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Karen Cunagin Sypher, 50, faces up to 26 years in prison for demanding millions from Pitino after the 2003 tryst. The jury reached its verdict after deliberating for just five hours.

Sypher, 50, was convicted of extortion, lying to authorities and retaliating against a witness. Pitino, who is married, was never charged, though he admitted having what he called consensual sex that lasted just 15 seconds, because, he said, she told him she was "extremely fertile."

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Anonymous said...

Excuse me but she got just what she deserved!!

Anonymous said...

I hope someone had the defendant examined by a mental health professional, because she sounds like a "Whacko"!

Anonymous said...

She was a" greety whacko B".Im hope Pinto felt like he owned the moon when they read the verdict of her.she needs help.

Anonymous said...

She is crazy..Pitino should be more selective when he fools around next time....And he should be ashamed of himself for fooling around at all...The University of Louisville should be pissed .

Anonymous said...

She is a wack job and deserves her sentence. But Pitino should be more than just standing there looking smooth. He is scum ...this is not the first time he has used his power he thinks he has to screw around with women. He is a joke...He should be fired for the bad publicity and for being so nasty..Good coach or not Morals are Morals and its the principle of the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree.... Pitino should have had more class and he did this in the same city he lived in with his wife and kids and the same city where his name is suppose to mean something. And he gets patted on the back..Where are his Morals and good Values? And what example does this set ?

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