Friday, August 13, 2010

UK Freshman Brandon Knight Has an Admirable Work Ethic

Kentucky freshman Brandon Knight has a work ethic, on- and off-the-court, that demands admiration. Steve Megargee of profiles Knight today and talks about his work ethic, his basketball skill set and the sense of values he received from his parents.

Here is an excerpt:

"My parents always instilled that in me ? just by doing it themselves," Knight said. "You see someone else do it, and it kind of rubs off on you. That's the way my parents lived -- working hard at all aspects of life, no matter what it is."

Even as their son developed into one of the top prospects nationally, Knight's parents made sure their son valued academics over athletics. They wouldn't allow Knight's rising profile as a basketball recruit to cause his performance in the classroom to slide.

Knight had to stay grounded -- or else he might get grounded.

"Anytime we saw him slipping in school, basketball was out," his mother said. "We didn't care that he was the No. 1 player in the country. If his grades weren't what they were supposed to be, there'd be no more basketball."

How often did Knight's parents have to administer that punishment?

"Never," Turgenia Knight said. "He always did what was expected of him."

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My thoughts: Knight sounds like a kid that UK fans will fall in love with. I have received several reports from practice and pickup games that say Knight has stood out on the court this summer, as well.

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