Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Report: Conflicting Grades Call Eric Bledsoe's Eligibility Into Question

The Birmingham News reports this morning that there were "conflicting grades" recorded on Eric Bledsoe's high school transcript and a night-school grade report from Parker High School. The report calls into question whether Bledsoe should have been eligible to play for the University of Kentucky.

The report states that Bledsoe's four-year transcript shows he made an A in Alegebra 3 in night school. However, a grade report from those night sessions showed that Bledsoe was recorded as making a C average, with a low C recorded in the first session and a low B recorded in the second.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Bledsoe ended with a 2.5 core GPA, according to his transcript, making him eligible for a one-and-done season at Kentucky. Bledsoe flourished as a freshman on the court, and his success story continued with his first-round selection in the NBA Draft in June.

If Bledsoe had received a C in Algebra 3, as was recorded in the grade report, his core GPA would have been 2.375, according to his transcript. Even a B in the class would have left Bledsoe short of qualifying, at 2.4375.

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The article continues that Bledsoe took two Algebra classes "out of sequence", meaning that he took Algebra 3 before taking Algebra 2.

Here is an excerpt:

Asked whether it is common for students to take Algebra 2 and 3 out of sequence, Martin responded: "It isn't normal for a person to do that or be allowed to do that. Had I looked at his transcript, I wouldn't have allowed him to do that. By the time he got to us, I guess what we had to do ..."

Martin paused before continuing: "Well, I ain't even going there with that. I'm going to my grave with that."

My Thoughts: In the article, Bledsoe's night school teacher states, "You've got the wrong grade. There are two of those printout sheets..." Those statements call into question the validity of the report about Bledsoe's Algebra grades.

Even though the initial report sounds scary, there is a long ways to go before Eric Bledsoe is ruled ineligible for Kentucky. Still, the investigative reporting by The Birmingham News is cause for concern.

It is also important to note that the official AHSAA report has not been officially released yet. It is expected to be out this week.


Anonymous said...

Wait til the NCAA starts snooping around. They'll find a lot more than just this, guaranteed! It's just a matter of time before Kentucky sees Cal as the scumbag he really is. Can you say bye-bye 2009 season. North Carolina basketball back on top babyyyyyy!

Anonymous said...

This has to do with teachers chnaging his grades, not coach cal.

7 titles is more then 5 last time I checked

Anonymous said...

Oh, so you agree that Bledsoe's grades WERE changed and that Bledsoe was INELIGIBLE to play college basketball and that last year's wins were all for naught. You're learning, HOOWAAAAH.

Anonymous said...

That's how it looks but the NCAA has known and knows more then what anyone pubically knows. I think he could have gotten good grades but I also think there's a chance his teachers did him a favor. I'm curious why a UNC fan is on this site?

Anonymous said...

^Don't be fooled. Its a Card Troll. I can smell that special brand of retard from here.

Anonymous said...

Strict liability

Anonymous said...

Eric, when you come to Memphis to play the Grizzlies, I'll be the one holding up signs that say "Can you read this cheater?" or "Does 2 + 2 = 5, True or False?". This allows you some time to have someone get the answers for you on the Internet. Your Welcome!

Anonymous said...

He is making alot more then you

Anonymous said...

A lot more what? If it's dollars, then yes he probably is, but at least I KNOW the money is there for me to happily retire. Again, fool, he has been taken advantage of by his past "acquaintances" and willingly or not it has gotten him into trouble. And just like Cal, he can run from his problems but he just can't seem to bury them. Unlike Cal and his high school teachers/coaches, I hope he's now dealing with reputable, ethical people that are truly concerned for him. But to change the course of his future and get it on the right path, he needs to come clean and admit to his cheating shenanigans in high school. Until he doe so, he and his family, will continue to struggle years from now. The NBA isn't a sure thing and there are no shortcuts in life, Eric, come clean then and only then will you prosper.

Anonymous said...

dude get offa this page, and who are you to poke your nose into his life, dude everyone's got problems, and everyone makes mistakes. i wish the ncaa all-knowing scope would fall on unc for once, they'd be in just as much shit as we are. every team plays the gray area and everyone knows it. don't be naive bout it. oh and you said unc back on top?? well then you just admitted that we are on top?? sorry bud but we've been on top, and we will stay there. sick of haters like you.

Anonymous said...

Do you always call women, dudes? Shame, shame. What a bigot!

Anonymous said...

oh that makes sense, a chick, then your opinion matters not.

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