Sunday, November 7, 2010

T-Will Sends LeBron James Into the Stands...Literally

Former Louisville star Terrence Williams was matched up one-on-one in a run out with the Heat's LeBron James in yesterday's game.

Rather than give up a poster dunk, T-Will sent James into the court side seats.

Williams later said that the foul was no accident.

Here is an excerpt from

Then, after the game, Williams said the foul was a message - both to the Heat and his own team - for all the circus-like dunks and showboating from Miami’s superstar duo.

Read below for all the lovely back-and-forths (from separate rooms in separate interviews, of course, and edited in no chronological order):

T-Will: “At the end of the day I’m a New Jersey Nets basketball player and you have to put your foot down somehow in a basketball game. It’s nothing against LeBron, but at the end of the day I’m a basketball player. Falling in the stands is a little much. It wasn’t me trying hurt nobody. I’m trying to play basketball and make a basketball play.”

LeBron: “It didn’t send much of a message because we went on an 8-0 run after hit. Do we play New Jersey again? Just once. I’ll be ready for it.”

TWill: “I would say somebody doesn’t want to do something and you ask somebody to do it. But nobody wants to raise their hand. So I guess I raised my hand first. But whatever, I got a flagrant for it, which was a little too much.”

Terrence Williams with the hard foul on LeBron James:

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