Monday, December 27, 2010

More Lies and False Accusations from Kent Sterling

Kent Sterling, who is well known for bashing the University of Kentucky and making baseless accusations that he simply made up, has written another article aimed at generating hits on his website and stirring the Big Blue pot.

I'll simply point out the lies, false claims and other idiotic statements made in the article:

The exaggerated opening sentence:

For some reason, every Kentucky fan I know believes that everyone in college basketball is out to get them.

The poor man's attempt at a metaphor:

But Kentucky being a target is more like an arson inspector confining his work to the sites of burning buildings.

The lie that has no link, source or relevancy:

The latest conspiracy theory authored by Big Blue Nation is that because new NCAA potentate Mark Emmert came to Indianapolis from his position as president of the University of Washington, he has engineered the ineligibility ruling of Turkish forward Enos Kanter.

The cheap shot directed at Enes Kanter, a college freshman:’s not anymore likely that this supremely talented 6′10″ kid from Turkey is in Lexington because of the academic offerings there as it is because The Who played a great show at Rupp Arena in 1980.

The always important "I hate Kentucky but I don't really hate Kentucky" bit:

Kentucky fans also are resolute in believing that anyone who talks or writes about corruption in Lexington, John Calipari’s 0-2 record in maintaining his teams’ as a Final Four participant, or Cal’s crazily effective recruiting of NBA ready players is a Kentucky hater.

Sterling's tendency to take a cheap swipe at some other entity while bashing Kentucky; this time it's Ohio State football:

Even the dumbass football players at Ohio State who sold championship rings, gold britches, and traded autographs for tattoos need not apply for absolution here. Sure, they’re idiots, but if they own stuff and want money more than the stuff, selling it seems a purely American act.

The insinuation that Kentucky pays all of it's star players; alleging that Kanter's $33K makes him one of the lower paid Wildcats:

The truth is the $33K he received in Turkey probably puts him among the lower paid Wildcats, but the agents, runners, cousins, and summer coaches are smart enough to avoid the crisp and detailed accounting that ruined Al Capone, and evidently Kanter.

Sterling can't be satisfied with lying about current kids, he has to go back in time to take a swipe at Sam Bowie:

Shoeboxes filled with cash go from booster to summer coach to runner to cousin and then to the player. The days of Sam Bowie losing a bunch of cash in a hotel room poker marathon before a McDonald’s All-American Game, and reportedly picking up the phone and asking for another five-grand be delivered are all but over.
Another shot at Kanter:

The mistake Kanter made was in entering into a financial deal where the guy writing the checks had something to gain and nothing to lose by ratting him out.

Sterling has morals? Do jackasses have morals?

It’s not personal, and it’s not geography. It’s morality.

Bruce Pearl catches a little flak then Sterling tells us Kentucky "isn't important enough to dislike, even in Indiana." Really? This coming from the guy who has devoted hours writing anti-Kentucky article during the past two years.

I’m just as disturbed with the stupidity of Bruce Pearl, but that doesn’t feed the need for UK fans to feel unloved. Kentucky is unloved, but not hated. It isn’t important enough to dislike, even in Indiana.

Sterling's Article


Anonymous said...

i would never know who kent sterling was unless you give him glory in a repost -

who gives a rats ass about his opinion, i mean really?

Anonymous said...

2nd that post. Just link an article here when he gets sued so we can all go rag on him.

Anonymous said...

Been saying for several months, Neuter Thamel added Sterling a couple weeks ago and looks like someone does need to take his pens, paper, pencils and recorder away from him. He has no integrity or ethics. I think him and Thamel need intervention and a good old spanking. However, both of them would probably enjoy the spanking. GO CATS! FREE ENES, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. Neuter Thamel and Sterling!

Anonymous said...

Who cares what this guy thinks,says,or writes??As a UofK fan I sure as hell don't!!!

Anonymous said...

This guy can kiss my BIG BLUE ASS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sterling, suck a dick you fucking fag and get a life. You must secretly be in love with Coach Cal and the Cats, but we all know that is the only cat you like, queer.

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