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Pete Thamel's Kanter Article is Blasphemous

Susan Shan has an interesting article on her blog about Pete Thamel's Enes Kanter article. Shan goes after Thamel for his outright lies and erroneous journalistic methods.

Here is an excerpt:

I’m a little confused here. Did Thamel think that Crawford wouldn’t read his article? Did Thamel think that because he has the New York Times label next to his name, his word should never be questioned and he automatically deserves credibility?

What Thamel did was blasphemous; at minimum, he ought to get suspended. He knowingly took a quote about someone else and made it about Ergul instead. That would be like taking a Chad Ochocinco quote about the Patriots being a good team and writing instead that Ochocinco praised the Cleveland Browns.

Thamel not only shamed himself and his employer, he shamed the profession. Perhaps his transgressions aren’t a national sensation in the news because these kinds of things happen all too often (see: Dwyane Wade’s Fanhouse debacle). Does that mean we should accept the alarming trend?

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Terrence Williams Should Start, But Doesn't Mind the Bench thinks former Louisville star Terrence Williams should be the starting shooting guard for the New Jersey Nets in 2010-11.

Here is an excerpt:

Terrence Williams has to be the most polarizing New Jersey Nets player right now. Should he start or come off the bench? Should he play some point guard or stay exclusively at the two or three? Should the Nets trade him or keep him for his big-time potential? Let the debate begin.Of course, we are assuming that Williams isn’t traded, specifically for Carmelo Anthony, and will still ply his trade with the Nets once the 2010-11 NBA season begins. As mentioned millions of times before, “T-Will has a load of talent and potential,” a comment quickly followed by, “It’s just a matter of it coming together.” I believe this to be true and the Nets should just go full-blown in regards to Williams and his development. Give the man some burn on the court! It’s the only way to truly see what T-Will can truly do.

The article adds:

Is there any more of an exciting player on the Nets, both on the court and in the minds of hopeful Nets fans? It’s not even close. T-Will needs to start for his potential to turn into production. Let’s go Nets!

Even with the support T-Will is earning to become a starter, the former Louisville forward has stated that he doesn't mind coming off the bench:

"Honestly, I'm in my second year and I don't have a [defined] position in the NBA yet. I haven't shown I can play 30 minutes and produce consistently yet like veterans..."

Kentucky Fans: Check Out

Kentucky fans need to add to their list of Favorites:

The site is Patterson's official site and includes everything from news to Twitter updates to Tea's Corner, which is page reserved for Tywanna Patterson (Patrick's mother).

Check it out:

Friday, September 10, 2010

Big Trouble on Good Ole Rocky Top

Tennessee head coach Bruce Pearl has admitted to providing misleading and incorrect information to the NCAA during a 17-month investigation into possible recruiting violations.

As a result, Tennessee has punished Pearl by reducing his pay by $1.5 million over five years and prohibiting from participating in off-campus recruiting for a year beginning September 24.

Here is an excerpt from

"I've made some serious mistakes, and for that I'm truly sorry," a tearful Pearl said during a Friday news conference. "I provided incorrect and misleading information to the NCAA. I've learned some invaluable lessons. After I provided the false and misleading information, subsequently I went back and corrected the record.

"I learned that it's not OK to tell the truth most of the time, but you've got to tell the truth all of the time," he said.

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Three Former Cats in Running for NBA Rookie of the Year lists former Kentucky stars DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall among the favorites to win NBA Rookie of the Year in 2010-11. Former Cat Patrick Patterson is considered a "dark horse".

Here is an excerpt about the former UK stars:
John Wall, Wizards - In terms of pure flash, skill and NBA talent, it's hard to top John Wall. He just has some sort of allure to him that makes him must-see. And that sort of thing goes a long way in determining Rookie of the Year. Wall has "it," whatever "it" is.

He's going to struggle some though, especially early on. He's being put in charge of a fairly bad Wizards team from the get-go. He's going to have to manage being a scorer and a distributor, something really good point guards don't figure out most times until their third year. He will struggle at times. He'll turn the ball over. He'll miss open shots. And he'll likely get frustrated. But Wall will have flashy games, good numbers and most of all, that Derrick Rose like draw that just makes him fun to watch.

DeMarcus Cousins, Kings - A lot of really smart analysts agreed in June, DeMarcus Cousins was the most talented overall player in the draft. He's the most NBA ready player and most capable of stepping on the floor and contributing this second.

But for Cousins, it was a between-the-ears thing.

Assuming his head is on straight and he's focused, Cousins is an absolute force on the post. In the first three games of Vegas summer league, he was nearly unguardable. He was a walking double-double. But then he got tired, lost interest and his numbers dipped severely. If we see the good Cousins consistently, he's a legit contender. If he wavers, he might not even make an All-Rookie team.

Patrick Patterson, Rockets - Daryl Morey traded Carl Landry away to Sacramento last season at the deadline. And he replaced him with, basically another Carl Landry.

Patterson is a machine on the post. He never stops working, never stops fighting. He's pretty much a perfect Houston Rocket at this point. The traditional box score may say he's not great, the measurables may say he's not super talented, but he just gets it done. Given the chance, he might slip in and average quality numbers playing in a bench role for Houston. And if so, he might also slip into the ROY discussion.

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Eric Bledsoe Report Delayed Until Next Week

The findings of an academic investigation involving former Kentucky star Eric Bledsoe will not be released this week as previously announced.

Birmingham City Schools officials stated yesterday that the report will be released publicly next week.

Here is an excerpt from Jerry Tipton's blog:

Bledsoe, one of five Kentucky players drafted in the first round by a NBA team this year, had his academic records questioned by NCAA officials, The New York Times reported earlier this year.

According to the story, Bledsoe made enough improvement after transferring schools to draw the interest of the NCAA. The story also alleged that Bledsoe’s high school coach tried to barter his college commitment for money.

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Tipton surprisingly (sarcasm intended) adds that UK could potentially be forced to vacate 35 wins and return money to the NCAA if Bledsoe is found to be academically ineligible.

WKU Assistant Ray Harper Speaks at Chamber Meeting

Western Kentucky assistant coach Ray Harper spoke yesterday at the Greater Muhlenberg County Chamber of Commerce meeting.

Here is an excerpt from

Chamber of Commerce President, David Richey introduced Ray Harper and welcomed him back to Muhlenberg County. Coach Harper spoke to chamber members about his experiences and the journey that led him to assistant coach at WKU.

Coach Harper was previously Head Coach at Oklahoma University and Kentucky Weslyan. Some of the topics Coach Harper spoke about included recruiting practices, coaching techniques and other experiences pertaining to coaching basketball. He also urged locals to support Hilltopper Basketball.

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Looking at John Wall's First Basketball Cards

I have dabbled around with sports trading cards most of my life and after a few years off, the NBA rookies from Kentucky have re-sparked my interest in basketball cards.

This is a look at some of John Wall's first prestigious NBA cards and some information below that details the current and future values of the cards.


This month, we'll take a look at how John Wall's National Convention Exclusive 2010 Donruss Elite and 2010 Panini Certified cards are fairing on eBay. Below are the top 10 highest recent sales for each card, both of which seem to flying under the radar at the moment.

2010 Panini Certified John Wall National Convention

Wizards Version /50 - $41
Wizards Version /50 - $40
Kentucky Wildcats Version /25 - $33
Wizards Version /25 - $29
Wizards Version /50 - $24.99
Kentucky Wildcats Version /50 - $20.50
Kentucky Wildcarts Version /50 - $20.05
Kentucky Wildcats Version /50 - $16.50
Kentucky Wildcats Version /50 - $15
Wizards Version /50 - $9.50

2010 Donruss Elite National Convention Exclusive John Wall

Aspirations /50 - $33.63
Regular Version /499 - $31
Aspirations /50 - $30.42
Regular Version /499 - $26
Regular Version /499 - $26
Aspirations /50 - $25.01
Regular Version /499 - $24.99
Aspirations /50 - $22.75
Regular Version /499 - $21
Regular Version /499 - $17.01

Recommendation: You can't go wrong with one of the lower numbered Certified versions, if at all possible hold out for one of lower numbered Donruss Elite versions.

Parrish: Kentucky Did Not Pass on Top Talent for Kanter

Gary Parrish of clarifies this morning that he did not intend to insinuate that Kentucky skipped over a high profile big man to take a "gamble" on Enes Kanter.

Here is an excerpt of Parrish's explanation:

Let's rewind: Kanter committed on March 23, which is to say when there were no other impact centers available. Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, Adreian Payne and all prospects like them had long been off the board, so there was nobody else to get. Furthermore, it's important to remember UK was, at the time, operating under the assumption that it wouldn't lose Daniel Orton to the NBA Draft. So all indications were that Calipari could afford to gamble on Kanter because he'd still have Orton either way, and, beyond that, who were the Wildcats going to take otherwise?

Again, there was nobody to take.

The best prospect taller than 6-foot-8 still on the board when Kanter committed was Terrence Jones.

And guess what?

Kentucky got him anyway.

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Vinny Zollo "Highly Interested" in WKU but Taking His Time

George Rogers Clark senior Vinny Zollo, a 6-8 forward who once committed to Kentucky and Billy Gillispie, told the WKU Herald that he is "high interested" in the Hilltoppers but is in no rush to make a commitment.

Here is an excerpt:

"I really respected and liked coach Boyden a lot," Zollo said. "He was really my link to Western. We really had a pretty good relationship, and we talked on a pretty regular basis.

"But it's business. People move on with their situations like he did there."

Now Zollo, a three-star recruit at, said he's back in contact with Head Coach Ken McDonald and planning to be at WKU Hilltopper Hysteria this October -- if not sooner -- for an official visit.

The forward said he's "highly interested" in WKU but is in no hurry to sign. That's despite becoming a big name in recruiting almost four years ago.

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Calipari Returns to UMass Tonight for Camby's Induction

Kentucky head coach John Calipari is returning to the University of Massachusetts tonight to help induct former UMass superstar Marcus Camby into the school's athletic hall of fame.

If you are not familiar with Camby's story, he led UMass to an unprecedented No. 1 ranking and a Final Four appearance. Then, in June 1996, Camby admitted publicly that he had accepted money and gifts from agents while at UMass, leading to a vacated Final Four and a black eye for the school's basketball program.

Now, the school will forgive Camby and induct into its hall of fame.

Here is an excerpt from

Tonight, perhaps, the past will finally be reclaimed. John Calipari will be back in the house for a ceremony inducting Marcus DeWayne Camby into the UMass Athletic Hall of Fame.

“He deserves it,’’ said Calipari, now the coach at the University of Kentucky. “We were a top 25 [team] before he got there. He took us to the next level. We became No. 1 in the country.’’

“It’s a great feeling,’’ said Camby, who is now playing for the Portland Trail Blazers, his fifth NBA team. “I’m excited to be recognized for my contributions.’’

Some view the induction as a sellout by the school (a recent headline in the Springfield Republican referred to Camby’s induction into the “UMass Hall of Shame’’). Others see it as a long overdue tribute, a chance to honor one of the school’s greatest athletes, and a player who has generally conducted himself with dignity and generosity through a 14-year career in the NBA.

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In the article, Calipari explains his view of what happened to Camby:

Calipari is characteristically blunt in his assessment of what happened to Camby: “He was preyed upon.’’

Calipari points out that agents John Lounsbury and Wesley Spears worked hard to penetrate Camby’s inner circle, approaching his friends and family members. He salutes Camby for publicly owning up to his mistake and even repaying UMass fully for the six-figure loss in NCAA television revenue. “He’s the only player I know of that gave money back that was lost because of his actions,’’ said Calipari.

According to Calipari, UMass had put in place a good screening process for limiting agent contact, but insisted that round-the-clock scrutiny of players is impossible. His one regret, he said, is not going after the agents in a more public way — similar to the fashion put forth recently by college football coaches Urban Meyer of Florida and Nick Saban of Alabama. “I should have done what the football coaches did and attack the agents,’’ Calipari said.

Campbellsville and Western Kentucky to Battle in Exhibition

A late addition to the schedule means an earlier start for Campbellsville University men's basketball. The Tigers and Western Kentucky University have worked out a contract to open their seasons in exhibition Oct. 31 at 4 p.m. ET at E.A. Diddle Arena in Bowling Green, Ky.

This will be the third exhibition between the two schools in the four years.

"This exhibition opportunity is a great event for us for several reasons. It's an exhibition game against a high level opponent, a game against a program with a great history and tradition in their men's and women's program and it's a great location for us. Hopefully a lot of fans will be able to go and take part in this with us," CU head coach Keith Adkins said. "Hopefully both teams will get out of it what they need. It'll be the first live outside opponent for both of us on the season. An exhibition game is an exhibition game, but I think it means a lot more to us than to Western looking at what it can do for us recruiting, from a financial guarantee and some local guys being able to go back home and play."

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

John Wall Will be an NBA Star...In Time

Evans Clinchy of feels that former Kentucky point guard John Wall will almost certainly be an NBA star, but he will need time to develop his skills.

Here is an excerpt:

He's the real deal, there's no doubt -- so will John Wall be a star right away?

On first thought, how could he not be? If you watched the kid at Kentucky, you know that his natural-born talent is out of this world. He can dribble a basketball faster than most people can run without one. He can make any pass known to man, and then some. He attacks the basket with no mercy. He has everything he needs to be a superstar for the Washington Wizards.

But even with Wall, asking for that superstardom to manifest itself in his first season may be asking a little much.

Wall might well be the best point guard prospect we've seen come along in a very, very long time in the NBA. But as is often the case, it may take a year for him to put it all together.

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Eastern Kentucky Players Volunteer at Waco Elementary

RICHMOND, Ky. – Three Eastern Kentucky University men’s basketball players volunteered some of their time Wednesday to read books to local children at Waco Elementary School. Sophomore Willie Cruz, junior Jaron Jones and freshman Deverin Muff made lots of new friends and stressed the importance to reading.

Waco Elementary School is participating in the EKU Men’s Basketball Reading Program. The EKU Basketball Reading Program is an excellent opportunity to motivate students to achieve their reading goals. Each student who participates in the program will receive one complimentary ticket to an Eastern Kentucky men’s basketball game for the 2010-11 season.

For more information on the EKU Men’s Basketball Program, please contact Ryan Wiersma at 859-622-6679.


Houston Rockets Promo Video of Chuck Hayes

Here is a nice preseason promo video of former Kentucky star Chuck Hayes:

Kenneth Faried is One of NCAA's Top Seniors in 2010-11 labels Morehead State big man Kenneth Faried as one of the top seniors in the nation heading into the 2010-11 season.

Here is an excerpt about Faried:

Kenneth Faried, PF, Morehead State: One of the most productive two-way players in the country over the last two seasons, Kenneth Faried is one of the most overlooked talents in the country after three spectacular seasons at Morehead State. The 6-8 power forward is well on his way to scoring 2,000 points, pulling down 1,500 rebounds, swiping 200 steals and blocking 300 shots for his career. Faried was named the Ohio Valley Conference Defensive Player of the year as a sophomore and a junior and was the OVC Player of the Year last season. He attacks the glass and is one of the better rebounders I can remember at the college level in a long time and last season, recording 24 games with at least 12 rebounds. He is still raw offensively and will never be a 20 ppg type player in the NBA, but with his athleticism, defensive abilities and nose for the basketball, Faried has the potential to be an outstanding role player in the NBA.

Houston Depth May Be Problem for Patrick Patterson

Ross Geiger states on his blog that former Kentucky star Patrick Patterson may have a difficult time playing significant minutes because of Houston's depth at the power forward position.

Unfortunately, Patterson will likely end up battling former UK star Chuck Hayes for playing time.

Here is an excerpt about Patterson:

PF: Patrick Patterson, Houston Rockets

If he’s as NBA-ready as many project then maybe he’ll crack the rotation but it definitely won’t come easy with Yao Ming back into the mix. The Rockets have a variety of different options down low and it’ll be interesting to see who gets appointed the primary backup slots at both the power forward and center position. At the power forward position Patterson will fight to play behind Luis Scola along with young big man Jordan Hill and veteran workhorse Chuck Hayes. Initially Hayes will have the upper hand but it’s only a matter of time before Patterson takes over.

Bellarmine Earns Preseason No. 2 from The Sporting News

LOUISVILLE, Ky.--The Sporting News has released its 2010-11 Preseason Top 10 rankings for NCAA Division II men's basketball, and Bellarmine is ranked No. 2 behind the University of Findlay. The publication also lists preseason All-Americans, and Bellarmine's Braydon Hobbs and Jeremy Kendle were listed among the players earning honorable mention accolades.

The 2010-11 Knights return 87 percent of their offense from last year's team that won the Great Lakes Valley Conference Championship and compiled a season record of 23-9 despite a host of injuries during the season.

"As a basketball program, we are tremendously honored," said Bellarmine Head Coach Scott Davenport. "It's a great compliment to our players and our staff. We are preparing every day on and off the court to reach the goals and the championships decided at the end of the season."

This year's ranking posts three teams from the Midwest Region in the top spots with Grand Valley State checking in at No. 3.

Last year, the Knights occupied the top spot in the preseason poll.

Source: Bellarmine University

NCAA Division II Men’s Basketball
2010-11 Preseason Top 10

1. Findlay (Ohio)
2. Bellarmine (Ky.)
3. Grand Valley State (Mich.)
4. Arkansas Tech
5. Cal Poly-Pomona
6. Indiana (Pa.)
7. Seattle Pacific (Wash.)
8. West Liberty
9. Winona State (Minn.)
10. Bentley (Mass.)

Possible Breakthroughs: Alabama-Huntsville, Anderson (S.C.), Augustana (S.D.), Bloomfield (N.J.), BYU-Hawaii, Central Missouri, Central Oklahoma, Drury (Mo.), Felician (N.J.), Ferris State (Mich.), Florida Southern, Fort Lewis (Colo.), Georgia College & State, Hillsdale (Mich.), Humboldt State (Calif.), Kentucky Wesleyan, Lynn (Fla.), Mary (N.D.), Metro State (Colo.), Midwestern State (Texas), Minnesota State-Mankato, Montevallo (Ala.), Mount Olive (N.C.), Philadelphia University (Pa.), Queens (N.C.), Rollins (Fla.), St. Cloud State (Minn.), Southern Indiana, Stonehill (Mass.), Tarleton State (Texas), USC-Aiken, W.Va. State

Sporting News Preseason All-Americans

First Team

Chris Banchero (Seattle Pacific), Gage Daye (Blooomfield), Justin Keenan (Ferris State), Darryl Webb (Indiana, PA), Dauntae Williams (Central Oklahoma).

Second Team

Jet Chang (BYU-Hawaii), LaMarshall Corbett (Angelo State), Chris Hall (Lynn), Justin Ringler (Grand Valley State), Nick Wolf (Rollins).

Honorable Mention

Darius Adams (Indianapolis), Daniel Bailey (Queens, N.C.), Thomas Baudinet (Saint Anselm), D.J. Blackmon (Lenoir-Rhyne), Donnelle Booker (Cal Poly-Pomona), Simel Boyd (Francis Marion), Sharif Bray (Cheyney), Justin Brock (Quincy), Tyler Bullock (Nebraska-Omaha), Kyle Caiola (Findlay), Rashad Callaway (Tampa), D'Mario Curry (Lincoln Memorial), Byron Faison (USC-Aiken), Chris Hagan (Midwestern State), Alex Hall (Drury), Braydon Hobbs (Bellarmine), Marquel Hoskins (San Francisco State), Nathan Hyde (Findlay), Dominique Jones (Fort Hays State), Jeremy Kendle (Bellarmine), DeAndre Lansdowne (Fort Lewis), Jefferson Mason (Minnesota State-Mankato), Darin Mency (Merrimack), Josh Miller (W.Va. State), Anthony Moody (Mary), Brian Morris (Humboldt State), Donte Nicholas (Metro State), Corey Pelle (West Liberty), Blake Poole (Saint Martin's), Cody Schilling (Augustana), Justin Swidowski (Holy Family), Brian Tracey (Bentley), Anthony Tucker (Winona State), Marques Whippy (BYU-Hawaii), Taylor Witt (St. Cloud State), Chris Woods (Pfeiffer).

Official Video: Former UK Star Ramel Bradley's "Fly"

Check out former Kentucky star Ramel "Smooth" Bradley's new video:

Ramel Smooth Bradley "FLY" (feat. Jonathan Webb) OFFICIAL VIDEO from Ramel Smooth Bradley on Vimeo.

Louisville Announces Men's Basketball Tipoff Luncheon

LOUISVILLE, Ky. - University of Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino will be the featured speaker at the annual U of L Basketball Tipoff Luncheon on Tuesday, Oct. 5, at noon in the Grand Ballroom of the Marriott Louisville Downtown. Tickets for the event are $35 each or $350 for a table of 10 and may be purchased by calling the U of L special events office at (502) 852-2015.

A form which may be printed and faxed for ticket orders can be found here.

Source: University of Louisville

Abbott Wonders Why Enes Kanter Situation was Singled Out

Henry Abbott of ESPN's TrueHoop Blog has an insightful look into the Enes Kanter situation and a larger scale look into similar situations in all of college basketball.

Abbott wonders not what happened in the Kanter situation, but rather the motivation behind those that decided to go after this one case.

Here is an excerpt of Abbott's interesting take:

When some reporter does the hard work of getting a story like this on the record, the thing I wonder is not how did the world come to this, but rather: Who motivated this? Why are the insiders piping up about this one case, even as it remains business-as-usual for a zillion other players operating under the same rules?

Kanter is supposed to play next year for the University of Kentucky, while he ages to the point of becoming NBA eligible. Maybe this media uproar will keep Kanter from becoming a Wildcat, which would shift around who's reaping the benefits of his work. Why was Kanter ratted out to a reporter? Why did Thamel get more than the regular "no comments" as he called around? Some theories sprung purely from my imagination: Maybe somebody wants Kanter to play somewhere else where they can profit from his presence. (If he can't go to Kentucky, where will he play instead? His old club in Turkey is one guess.) Maybe somebody wants to make John Calipari look bad. Maybe somebody wants to put a dent in the University of Kentucky's recruiting class. Maybe it's even more complicated than all of that.

He adds:

Whether Kanter was paid or not, and whether he passes NCAA muster or not, he's exactly what the NCAA's best stars are: a de facto professional, whose valuable work can make lots of people money except, oddly, him. He's right on track to join the NBA in 2011, and no matter where he plays between now and then, in terms of his bizarro employment status and income, he'll likely fit right in with the best young players from around the world. The players all know that, the teams all know that and the agents all know that. It's too bad this underground, backstabbing NCAA world, and the myth of the amateur student-athlete, keep the system from being reshaped to accommodate the reality that valuable players generally do get paid, one way or another.

Morehead State Releases 2010-11 Basketball Schedule

Morehead State University has released its men's basketball schedule for 2010-11. The schedule is highlighted by games at Florida and Ohio State and also includes games against seven postseason teams from last season.

2010-11 MSU Basketball Schedule:

11/4/2010 Centre College (Exhibition) 7:00 pm Details
11/9/2010 Mountain State (Exhibition) 7:00 pm Details
11/12/2010 Asbury College (Ky.) 7:00 pm Details
11/14/2010 North Carolina A&T State University 2:00 pm Details
11/18/2010 at University of North Carolina Wilmington Wilmington, NC 7:00 pm Details
11/21/2010 at University of Florida Gainsville, FL TBA Details
11/23/2010 at Ohio State University Columbus, OH 7:00 pm Details
11/28/2010 at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Edwardsville, IL 2:00 pm Details
12/2/2010 University of Tennessee at Martin * 7:45 pm Details
12/4/2010 Murray State University * TBA Details
12/7/2010 St. Catharine 7:00 pm Details
12/11/2010 at University of Northern Iowa Cedar Falls, IA 8:00 pm Details
12/19/2010 at Tennessee State University * Nashville, TN 6:00 pm Details
12/21/2010 at Austin Peay State University * Clarksville, TN 8:30 pm Details
12/28/2010 Kent State University 7:00 pm Details
12/30/2010 Binghamton University 7:00 pm Details
1/2/2011 College of Charleston 4:30 pm Details
1/6/2011 Tennessee Tech University * 7:45 pm Details
1/8/2011 Jacksonville State University * TBA Details
1/13/2011 at Southeast Missouri State University * Cape Girardeau, MS TBA Details
1/15/2011 at Eastern Illinois University * Charleston, IL 7:00 pm Details
1/22/2011 Eastern Kentucky University * 7:45 pm Details
1/24/2011 at Ball State University Muncie, IN TBA Details
1/27/2011 Tennessee State University * 7:45 pm Details
1/29/2011 Austin Peay State University * TBA Details
2/3/2011 at Jacksonville State University * Jacksonville, AL TBA Details
2/5/2011 at Tennessee Tech University * Cookville, TN 8:30 pm Details
2/10/2011 Eastern Illinois University * 7:45 pm Details
2/12/2011 Southeast Missouri State University * TBA Details
2/16/2011 at Eastern Kentucky University * Richmond, KY TBA Details
2/19/2011 at Bracket Busters TBA Details
2/24/2011 at Murray State University * Murray, KY 8:30 pm Details
2/26/2011 at University of Tennessee at Martin * Martin, TN 7:00 pm Details
3/2-5/2011 vs OVC Tournament * Nashville, Tenn. TBA Details

Darnell Dodson No Longer Associated with UK Basketball?

According to Marc Maggard of, Darnell Dodson will no longer be associated with the Kentucky basketball program.

Here is an excerpt of Maggard's thoughts:

The Darnell Dodson experiment is over. He will not be a member of the UK basketball team. He will not live in the lodge. His scholarship will be used elsewhere.

I will not make any comment that would reveal any personal private matters, so just take it at that.... he's gone.



Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Patrick Patterson Signs Endorsement Deal with PEAK

Former Kentucky star Patrick Patterson has signed an endorsement deal with PEAK, a Chinese-based shoe company.

Here is an excerpt from

Patterson becomes the third player on the Houston Rockets (Shane Battier, Kyle Lowry) to sign with PEAK.

Although they are many players in the NBA wearing PEAK, Patterson is officially the first to sign with PEAK’s new Los Angeles office. PEAK’s representatives seem to be ecstatic about signing the big man to a three-year deal. “Patrick Patterson is exactly what we’re looking for. He is young and has great things ahead of him,” said Douglas, PEAK’s Public Relations Coordinator. “We need players like Patterson who can grow with PEAK as we grow with the U.S.

Quincy Miller May Be Next Five-Star to Commit

Jerry Meyer and Eric Bossi of both agree that Quincy Miller is likely the next top recruit to come off the board. Both feel that Louisville has an excellent chance to land both Miller and good friend Deuce Bello.

Here is an excerpt:

Which five-star do you anticipate being the next to commit?

Meyer: I wouldn't be surprised if Pitino received a commitment from Quincy Miller sooner than later. Now, I'm not saying it is a done deal that Miller is headed to Louisville or that he even commits before the spring. But it appears that Louisville has made significant headway with Miller and his teammate Deuce Bello. Presently, there is heavy speculation that the two end up at Louisville in the near future.

Bossi: It's not always easy to predict something like this but my best guess would be Quincy Miller. While he seems to enjoy the recruiting process, there are a lot of signs pointing to Louisville and nobody else seems to have a bunch of buzz around them.

Complete Article

Tipton: Three Prep Schools Rejected Enes Kanter

Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader points out tonight that three prep schools rejected Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter in the past due to concerns over his amateur status.

Tipton reports that Findlay Prep, Mountain State Prep and Oak Hill Academy all steered away from Kanter.

He finally landed at Stoneridge Prep in Simi Valley, California.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Smith was contacted in the spring of 2009 about Kanter playing for Oak Hill Academy. In checking Kanter's background, Smith said one of his former players, Brandon Jennings, said he played against the Turkish big man in the European league.

"I never knew a player in the Euro league that didn't get paid," said Smith, who added a moment later, "I can't see a team playing him and not having a contract. He'd jump ship on you. I'm 99-percent sure I was told he had a contract but was not paid.

"As a high school coach, it didn't matter if he was paid or not. I just felt the kid played pro ball in Europe. He couldn't come over here and play high school basketball."

When considering adding players, Smith said he will sometimes consult with the Virginia High School Athletic Association even though his school is not bound by its guidelines. Oak Hill Academy is in Mouth of Wilson, Va. But the Kanter case seemed clear enough to Smith that he did not seek help in the decision.

Kanter's next stop was Findlay Prep, the school in the Las Vegas area that produced UK wing DeAndre Liggins. After two weeks, Peck decided Kanter could not play for his team.

Complete Article

Parrish: Kanter is a Gamble Worth Taking for UK and Calipari is Taking a "Free Roll"

Gary Parrish of says that Enes Kanter is a gamble worth taking for Kentucky and head coach John Calipari.

According to Parrish, Kanter has long been termed a "pro", but he is still worth taking a chance on because of how good he is on the court and the unpredictability of the NCAA.

Parrish says the risk is comparable to a "free roll" by Calipari.

Here is an excerpt:

That's what the NCAA will consider over the coming days, weeks and possibly months as it addresses whether Kanter is allowed to compete as a freshman, and you're going to be disappointed if you came here for a prediction; I don't have one mainly because, as the Jeremiah Masoli case at Ole Miss proved last week, it's impossible to predict what the NCAA will do in any given case. Thus, I'll refrain from guessing. But what I will do is tell you that though many of the details in this week’s well-reported New York Times story shocked casual fans, nothing printed should’ve surprised Kentucky officials because they had to know what they were getting into when they opted to accept a commitment from Kanter last March.

I mean, everybody else knew.

In my years of covering college basketball, I’ve never heard an incoming freshman called a “pro” more than Kanter has been called a pro by industry sources. One coach who initially recruited Kanter but quickly stopped told me he did so after determining “the kid should be ruled ineligible for life.” Other coaches have laughed when I told that story, but nobody has ever argued the other side.

Complete Article

Two of State's Best Give Commitments to IUPUI

Coach Ron Hunter and IUPUI have snagged commitments from two of Kentucky's top-rated high school players.

Eastern's Lyonell Gaines and Warren Central's Jordan Shanklin have both committed to IUPUI's 2011 recruiting class.

Gaines is a 6-6 forward who averaged 14.0 points and 8.0 rebounds a game as a junior. He chose IUPUI over Tennessee-Martin, Coppin State, Morehead State, Tennessee Tech and Jacksonville.

The 5-11 Shanklin chose IUPUI over Charleston Southern, Citadel, Portland State, South Dakota and Gardner-Webb.

Losing Kanter Would Be a Crippling Blow to UK's Season

Luke Winn of feels that it would be a damaging blow to Kentucky's 2010-11 season if the Wildcats were to lose freshman big man Enes Kanter to eligibility issues.

On the other hand, Winn notes that it's actually a good thing that the concerns are being addressed prior to the season, rather than in the future.

Here is an excerpt:

- If there's anything good about this for Kentucky, it's that Kanter's alleged benefits were made public before he played for the Wildcats. Had he suited up in official games, and later been outed as a professional, the UK wins would've been voided by the NCAA. Given coach John Calipari's history with vacated Final Four trips -- first at UMass, in 1995-96, and then at Memphis in 2007-08 -- he couldn't afford another scandal. UK can't be subjected to any NCAA punishment for merely trying to get Kanter eligible, because all of his alleged business dealings occurred prior to his arrival in the U.S.

- The bad news -- the really bad news -- for Kentucky is that Kanter is one of the players it can least afford to lose for 2010-11. The Wildcats only have one other center on their roster, Josh Harrellson, who averaged 1.3 points and 1.2 rebounds in very limited action last season. Kanter was expected to start, produce at an all-SEC level in the post, and jump into the NBA Draft Lottery next June. The other elite freshman forward UK landed in its 2010 recruiting class, 6-9 Terrence Jones, is more of a Lamar Odom-type power forward who thrives in faceup situations on offense. Eloy Vargas, a 6-11 junior-college transfer who played sparingly for Florida as a freshman in '08-'09 and isn't regarded as a future first-round pick, could be forced to play big minutes down low for the Wildcats.

Complete Article

Enes Kanter News and Views from Around the Internet

Here is a sampling of the continued fallout from the Enes Kanter situation that originated from a New York Times article stating that Kanter received over $100,000 in cash and benefits from his Turkish club team.

- Matt Jones of Kentucky Sports Radio reports that Thamel misrepresented the quotes of Duquesne assistant coach Rodney Craword:

Even more upsetting however to Crawford was the second quote used by Thamel, in which he quoted Crawford as saying, “You know, that’s another thing I can’t really speak on. I just took a coaching job at Duquesne; you know how the game is, I can’t afford to say anything.”

Crawford says that while he said those words, it was about a situation completely apart from the Enes Kanter story. “He asked me about a totally different guy that I dont want to talk about and it was something that was about a completely different situation. That quote wasnt even about Max or Kanter and he [Pete Thamel] knows that.” Crawford said he was angry at the use of the quote about a different player and the out of context quotes before to somehow paint him as having negative feelings about Ergul or Kanter’s eligibility. “I know for a fact that Max is a friend to Kanter’s family and that nothing against the rules went on with them. But he didnt print any of that.”

Complete Article

- Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports Tweeted out this morning:

WojYahooNBA Some top INTL bball officials at USA practice validated on @PeteThamelNYT Kanter probe: "We've all known that kid's already a pro," one said

- John Clay of the Herald-Leader points out that this is not a John Calipari problem:

Enes Kanter isn’t a John Calipari scandal.

It isn’t even a scandal.

It’s a thorny eligibility issue that existed long before Calipari coaxed the Turkish star with the tremendous upside into signing on the dotted line to play Kentucky basketball. There have always been lingering questions about Kanter’s eligibility, and such issues were illuminated by Pete Thamel fo the New York Times with his story posted Tuesday night.

Complete Article

- Kent Sterling spreads yet another rumor that he completely made up:

The Turkish team has delivered banking records to the NCAA. Kanter has played for the team since turning 14, so the $100,000 the New York Times is reporting changed hands isn’t quite the large amount it might seem to be at first glance.

Still, it’s troubling to see over and over that the Wildcats are being named in conjunction with irregularities requiring the attention of NCAA investigators. There are rumors that come from informed sources that the NCAA is ready to bring down the hammer on the Wildcats, and is in the process of making sure the report is airtight, but those who are not fans of corruption in collegiate athletics are waiting for the fire to accompany the smoke pouring from Rupp Arena.

Complete Article

- Andy Katz of ESPN adds:

Sandy Bell, Kentucky's associate athletic director in charge of compliance, and a representative of the NCAA's amateurism department may need to go to Istanbul and meet with [Nedim] Karakas if Kanter is to gain eligibility for this season, the compliance officer told Katz.

According to the compliance officer, the burden of proof is on Kentucky to prove Kanter received only actual and necessary expenses after Kanter signed with the Wildcats over Washington last year. Those expenses can be food, travel expenses for practices and competition as well as housing. Where this can get dicey is that Kanter was only 14 at the time he started with the club team, and housing for his family may have to have been included. The NCAA could determine that his family getting rent paid for by a club team could be viewed as him using his skill to gain an advantage for his family.

Complete Article

- Eamonn Brennan from ESPN with some links from around the web

Former Kentucky Wildcat Cliff Hawkins to Play in Cyprus

Former Kentucky point guard Cliff Hawkins has signed a contract to continue his professional basketball career in Cyprus.

Hawkins will join Proteas Danoi AEL in Cyprus' top-level Division A.

Last season, Hawkins played in 32 games for Trefl Sopot in Poland. He averaged 10.6 points, 3.8 assists, 3.1 rebounds and 1.8 steals per game.

Previously, he has played in Croatia, France, Italy, Japan, Poland and Turkey.

I'm ashamed to admit that I honestly did not know exactly where Cyprus was located, so I looked it up. Here is a map for those of you who have forgotten portions of world geography:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chane Behanan Explains Why He Chose Louisville

I spoke with Bowling Green star Chane Behanan this afternoon about his commitment to Louisville and why he chose the Cardinals.

Behanan cited several reasons that ultimately led him to commit to U of L.

"My decision was more about how I will fit into the Louisville system," Behanan said. "They showed me film on my visit and pointed out how I would be used."

He added, "they compared me to Paul Pierce, Jamal Mashburn and Terrence Williams."

Behanan was also impressed with the attention he was given by Louisville head coach Rick Pitino.

"He came to see me over twenty times," the Bowling Green senior pointed out. "He liked me, respected me and respected my game. I like having a chance to play for a Hall of Fame coach."

Bowling Green head coach D.G. Sherrill gave his insight on Behanan's decision.

"He'd seen a bunch of places and in the end, U of L just felt like home," Sherrill stated. "The Louisville players and coaches really embraced Chane."

Sherrill noted that playing in the Big East Conference is really attractive to Behanan.

"The Big East really fits his game,"Sherrill noted.

Behanan is also very impressed with Louisville's facilities, including the new Yum! Center.

With the pressure of recruiting off his shoulders, Behanan plans to focus on his senior season at BGHS.

"I have some unfinished business," Behanan explained.

Bowling Green will certainly be picked by many to win Kentucky's 4th Region and Behanan has to be the preseason favorite to win Mr. Basketball.

Quincy Miller, Deuce Bello May Visit Baylor

According to, both Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello may visit Baylor.

Here is an excerpt:

Quincy Miller and Deuce Bello may still visit Baylor but nothing has been set yet.

“I believe so but I’m not sure about that yet,” Bello, a 6-foot-3 shooting guard from Westchester (N.C.) Country Day, said Tuesday by phone. “I don’t have a date yet.”

Bello and the 6-9 Miller both tripped to Louisville this past weekend and enjoyed it.

Complete Article

Turkish Team Claims It Paid Enes Kanter Over $100,000

Pete Thamel of The New York Times (believe it or not) reports tonight that he has interviewed Nedim Karakas, the general manager of Turkish club team Fenerbahce Ulker.

Karakas claims in the interview that Fenerbahce Ulker paid Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter over $100,000 in cash and benefits over three years when Kanter played for the club.

Here is an excerpt of Thamel's article:

The best recruit in Kentucky’s top-ranked recruiting class, the Turkish center Enes Kanter, received more than $100,000 in cash and benefits over three years from the professional team he played for here, according to the team’s general manager.

In an interview in his office here this week, the general manager of Fenerbahce Ulker, Nedim Karakas, said the club had given banking and housing records to the N.C.A.A. that show Kanter received benefits that could jeopardize his amateur status for college basketball.

“I am sorry for telling this for Enes, but we cannot lie if someone asks the whole story, we cannot hide,” Karakas said.

Complete Article

Thamel adds "If he received the amount of money that Karakas says he did, it would cast serious doubt on his eligibility for the Wildcats."

An advisor for Kanter compares the money he received to expenses paid by prep schools.

My Thoughts: It is important to keep a few things in mind now that this article is out. First, Pete Thamel apparently has a problem with the University of Kentucky and John Calipari. He spends a great deal of his time being a thorn in Calipari's side and this article is filled with his highly motivated agenda.

Next, there was no proof given of any payment and no documentation was provided. It must be noted that the Turkish club team also has an agenda to not only close the pipeline to American, but also to keep Kanter on their roster.

Lastly, $100,000 during a year would be a considerable amount of money. However, $100,000 over three years is not that unacceptable - especially without documentation.

UK and Turkey Wait Patiently as Kanter Decision is Expected in 10-14 Days

John Calipari stated at a book-signing earlier today that an NCAA decision on freshman Enes Kanter's eligibility is expected in 10-14 days.

Mike DeCourcy of points out UK and its fans are not the only group that is waiting patiently for an NCAA decision. There is also a vested interest from those associated with basketball in Kanter's home country of Turkey.

Here is an excerpt:

Given that Kentucky fans are borderline hysterical regarding most issues involving the Wildcats -- not that there’s anything wrong with that -- many are eagerly awaiting the results of this probe.

But so are a lot of basketball people in Europe.

This is a big deal for them, as well.

Kanter’s circumstance is ominous not only for Fenerbahce, the club where he played in Turkey, but for every European club. If Kanter’s path to NCAA eligibility is not harrowing -- as it was under the old rules for Lucca Staiger at Iowa State or Deniz Kilicli at West Virginia -- more talented young prospects might find it appealing to cross the Atlantic and play here.

Complete Article

Western Kentucky Releases 2010-11 Basketball Schedule

Western Kentucky University has announced its 2010-11 men's basketball schedule.

AUDIO: WKU Head Coach Ken McDonald Discusses the 2010-11 Schedule

2010-11 Men's Basketball Schedule:

Sun, Oct 31 Campbellsville (Exh.) Bowling Green, Ky. 3:00 PM
Thu, Nov 04 Xavier (La.) (Exh.) Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Fri, Nov 12 St. Joseph's at Philadelphia, Pa. TBA
Mon, Nov 15 Alabama A&M Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM

2010 Puerto Rico Tip-Off

Thu, Nov 18 Minnesota at San Juan, P.R. 6:30 PM
Fri, Nov 19 TBA at San Juan, P.R. TBA TBA / ESPNU
Sun, Nov 21 TBA at San Juan, P.R. TBA ESPNU / ESPN2

Sat, Nov 27 South Carolina Bowling Green, Ky. 6:00 PM
Wed, Dec 01 Vanderbilt at Nashville, Tenn. 7:00 PM
Sat, Dec 04 Memphis at Memphis, Tenn. TBA
Wed, Dec 08 Bowling Green State at Bowling Green, Ohio 6:00 PM
Sat, Dec 11 Southern Illinois Bowling Green, Ky. 1:00 PM
Sat, Dec 18 Murray State at Murray, Ky. TBA
Wed, Dec 22 Louisville Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Sat, Jan 01 Arkansas State * at Jonesboro, Ark. 7:05 PM
Thu, Jan 06 Denver * Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Thu, Jan 13 Troy * at Troy, Ala. TBA
Sat, Jan 15 Florida Atlantic * Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Thu, Jan 20 South Alabama * at Mobile, Ala. TBA
Sat, Jan 22 Troy * Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Thu, Jan 27 FIU * at Miami, Fla. TBA
Sat, Jan 29 Florida Atlantic * at Boca Raton, Fla. TBA
Thu, Feb 03 South Alabama * Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Sat, Feb 05 ULM * Bowling Green, Ky. 3:30 PM
Thu, Feb 10 Middle Tennessee * Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Sat, Feb 12 North Texas * Bowling Green, Ky. 3:00 PM ESPN / ESPN2
Mon, Feb 14 Florida Gulf Coast Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Thu, Feb 17 UALR * at Little Rock, Ark. 7:00 PM
Sat, Feb 19 Louisiana-Lafayette * at Lafayette, La. TBA
Thu, Feb 24 FIU * Bowling Green, Ky. 7:00 PM
Sat, Feb 26 Middle Tennessee * at Murfreesboro, Tenn. 7:00 PM

Sun Belt Conference Tournament

Sat, Mar 05 - Tue, Mar 08 TBA at Hot Springs, Ark. TBA

* Conference Games

Tony Wroten Says He's Down to Five Schools

Tony Wroten Jr. stated during an interview on’s Northwest Sports Radio that he has updated his final list of schools.

“I narrowed my schools down to five,” Wroten said. “Louisville, UW, UConn, Nova and UK.”

Wroten confirmed that the only official visit he has scheduled is to Louisville on Sept. 22.


Wroten is ranked No. 30 on the Rivals150 List for 2011.

Former Murray State Star Leaves NBA for China

Former Murray State star James Singleton has decided to give up an opportunity with the Washington Wizards for a more lucrative contract in China.

Singleton has signed to play next season for the Zinjiang Gyang Hui Flying Tigers.

Here is an excerpt from The Washington Post:

The Wizards had some interest in bringing back Singleton, an undersized but energetic, high-flying forward who averaged 6.1 points and 6.9 rebounds in 32 games -- including three starts -- after arriving in Washington. Singleton had seven games with at least 10 rebounds, including a career-high 21-rebounds in a loss to Indiana last March.

But Singleton said the Wizards were like several NBA teams that expressed interest in signing him to the league minimum. He wouldn't give the terms of the deal but hinted that his contract in China was much more lucrative.

Complete Article

Daniel Orton Makes List of Possible Rookie Disappointments

Former Kentucky big man Daniel Orton makes Ross Geiger's list of 2010-11 NBA Rookie Disappointments.

He is joined by Evan Turner, Al-Farouq Aminu and Ekpe Udoh.

Here is an excerpt about Orton:

C: Daniel Orton, Orlando Magic

Now I understand he was the second-to-last pick in the first round, I understand he was given some attention being a member of the Kentucky Wildcats youth, but what I can’t grasp any understanding in deciding to take a gamble with Orton over Hassan Whiteside. Worst-case scenario for Whiteside is best case scenario for Orton, that’s how bad Orton is. I mean come on, the highlight of Orton’s Summer League in Orlando was him getting tossed for fighting with the Pacers’ Josh McRoberts. For Orton’s sake, I hope he can maybe learn a thing or two from fellow teammates Dwight Howard and Marcin Gortat, but I also hope he knows how to save his money. Outside of his rookie contract, I see him finding a tough time finding a job in the league.

Complete Article

Brescia University Releases 2010-11 Basketball Schedule

Brescia University has released its 2010-11 basketball schedule.

2010-2011 Men's Basketball Schedule and Results

Date Opponent Location Time

11/1 Fisk University Owensboro, KY 7:30PM
11/5 Goshen College Tournament vs Concordia (MI) Goshen, IN 6:00PM
11/6 TBA Goshen, IN 2:00/4:00PM
11/11 University of Cincinnati Clermont Batavia, OH 7:00PM
11/12 OSU Lima Lima, OH 6:00PM
11/15 Bethel University (TN) Owensboro, KY 7:00PM
11/23 St Catharine College Bardstown, KY 7:00PM
11/27 Campbellsville University Campbellesville, KY 4:00PM
11/29 University of Indianapolis Indianapolis, IN 7:00PM
12/1 Fisk University Nashville, TN 7:30PM
12/2 Valor Christian College Columbus, OH 7:00PM
12/11 St Catharine College Owensboro, KY 3:30PM
12/14 Lindsey Wilson College Columbia, KY 7:30PM
12/17 Marian College Tournament vs Doane College Indianapolis, IN 8:00PM
12/18 TBA Indianapolis, IN TBA
12/28 Austin Peay University Clarksville, TN 7:00PM
12/30 Goshen College Owensboro, KY 6:00PM
1/4 IU East* Owensboro, KY 7:00PM
1/6 Valor Christian College Owensboro, KY 7:00PM
1/8 Alice Lloyd College* Owensboro, KY 6:00PM
1/11 IU Southeast* New Albany, IN 7:30PM
1/22 Asbury College Wilmore, KY 3:00PM
1/25 Cincinnati Christian University Cincinnati, OH 7:00PM
1/29 Berea College Berea, KY 4:00PM
2/1 Cincinnati Christian University Owensboro, KY 7:00PM
2/2 STLCOP St. Louis, MO 8:00PM
2/5 Alice Lloyd College Pippa Passes, KY TBA
2/9 IU East Richmond, IN 7:00PM
2/12 Asbury College Owensboro, KY 3:00PM
2/15 IU Southeast Owensboro, KY 7:00PM
2/19 Berea College Owensboro, KY 3:00PM
2/22 KIAC Tournament First Round TBA TBA

* - Denotes KIAC Conference Game
% - Bethel College (TN) Classic
# - Denotes Owensboro Classic with KWC
^ - Denotes Marion College Classic

Will DeMarcus Cousins Have Attitude Problems?, a Sacramento Kings blog, is in the process of asking 30 questions about the 2010-11 Kings. The latest question:

Will DeMarcus Cousins have attitude problems?

Here is an excerpt:

Boogie is not a criminal -- he's never had so much as a slap on the wrist, something not all of his heralded University of Kentucky teammates could say. Boogie is not a diva -- no one has been more glowing in their review of Cousins than high school coach Otis Hughley and college coach John Calipari. Boogie is feisty, an attribute that lives on the Soft-Tough Scale, somewhere toward "spicy" but higher than "tame." He's not tame. If that's a bad sign, call me Susie.

An online poll follows the article and asks: Will DeMarcus Cousins be suspended by the NBA or Kings at any point this season for any reason?

Almost 400 people have voted so far and the answer is an overwhelming (84%) "No".

Chane Behanan Commits to Louisville

Bowling Green's Chane Behanan just announced that he is committing to the University of Louisville.

Behanan, who is a top 30 player nationally in the 2011 recruiting class, is Kentucky's top-rated high school player.

He gives Louisville a talented big man in the paint and will be a big contributor of coach Rick Pitino's Cardinals. Behanan also has a valid chance to follow another Cardinal, Elisha Justice, as Kentucky's Mr. Basketball.

Behanan chose Louisville over a host of schools including Kentucky, North Carolina, Texas, Cincinnati, Ohio State, Purdue, West Virginia and Western Kentucky.

Tony Wroten Says He Will Decide in September or October

Tony Wroten, a 2011 point guard from Seattle, stated on Twitter recently that he will likely announce his college decision in "September of October."

Wroten has both Kentucky and Louisville on his list along with Washington and several others.

The 6-4 point guard has been tough to gauge with his comments on Twitter, but most seem to think Washington is in a good position.

Wroten noted on Twitter that Hikeem Stewart’s commitment to the University of Washington made him “more excited” to settle on his college destination.
He is planning to visit Louisville in September and has stated several times that he likes Kentucky, although it remains to be seen if Kentucky has a strong offer on the table for Wroten.

Enes Kanter is in The "Next Wave" of Elite Big Men includes Kentucky freshman Enes Kanter on their list of "The Next Wave of Elite Big Men."

The list includes Kanter, Fab Melo, Tobias Harris, Adreian Payne and Jared Sullinger.

Here is an excerpt about Kanter:

Enes Kanter - 6-9/240 - from Tarzana, CA and committed to Kentucky:

Leave it to John Calipari to sign the most controversial player in the freshman class. Kanter is considered one of the best all-around prospects in college basketball, mainly because he's already player professionally in Turkey. How is he eligible you ask? Well according to Kanter and his family while Enes was part of a club team in Turkey and played at least nine games in Turkey, he was never paid for his services. The NCAA is loosening the rules on international prospects and the club relationship which has opened the door for Kanter to play for Kentucky this season. Kanter is every bit of 6'9 and is fundamentally a well-rounded player. If he has a solid season in Lexington jumping to the NBA is possible, although his family urged him to turn down International professional contracts in order to pursue his college degree, so its possible he passes on the NBA.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Video: Getting to Know Future Wildcat Kyle Wiltjer

Here is a great mixtape of 2011 power forward Kyle Wiltjer, who has already committed to the University of Kentucky:

* Video from Yayareasfinest2006 's YouTube Channel

Lakers to Derrick Caracter: Lose Weight and Get Paid

The Los Angeles Lakers are going to give former Louisville and UTEP big man Derrick Caracter a chance to play NBA basketball. If he wants guaranteed money, however, he'll need to do one thing - lose some weight and dedicate himself to physical fitness.

Caracter has a $473,000 contract this year with $250,000 guaranteed. If he weights 275 pounds or less on September 10, he will be guaranteed the other $223,000.

Here is an excerpt from

Conditioning -- and a commitment to it -- was the question about Caracter coming into the draft. Skills and body he had, but what about the work ethic and desire? The Lakers came up with a clever way to push him, as reported by Sham Sports:

Caracter has a $473,000 contract this year with $250,000 guaranteed. If Caracter weighs 275 pounds or less on Sept. 10, the contract becomes fully guaranteed.

Chane Behanan to Announce Commitment Tomorrow

Evan Daniels of reported on Twitter this afternoon that Chane Behanan from Bowling Green High School will announce his commitment tomorrow morning at his school.

Here is Daniels Tweet:

EvanDanielscout Chane Behanan is announcing his college decision tomorrow at 10 o'clock CT time at his high school.

Behanan confirmed his intentions on Facebook:


Behanan visited Louisville over the weekend and also has offers from a host of other high-major schools including Kentucky, Ohio State, Purdue, Cincinnati and West Virginia.

The prevailing thought seems to be that Behanan is headed to Louisville, but he also like his visit to Ohio State and presumably holds an offer from Kentucky - although the Wildcats accepted a commitment from Kyle Wiltjer last week.

2014 Guard James Blackmon Jr. Commits to Indiana

James Blackmon Jr., the 15-year old son of former Kentucky player James Blackmon (pictured), has committed to the Indiana Hoosiers.

Blackmon Jr. is currently the top-rated shooting guard and No. 6 overall in ESPN's 2014 rankings.

Here's an excerpt from

“I’ve been to Bloomington a couple of times for a couple of visits, and every time I went there it kept getting better and better,” Blackmon Jr. said. “I could go to another college in another state, but I’m from Indiana, and I grew up in Indiana. It was always one of my top places to go.”

Blackmon Jr. took an unofficial visit to Bloomington to meet with the IU coaching staff and see the Hoosier football team face Towson in its season opener. Shortly after the game, he told Crean IU was the perfect fit for him.

Complete Release

Former Kentucky Star John Wall Turns 20 Today

Big Blue Nation, join me in wishing a Happy Birthday to former Kentucky star John Wall. Today is Wall's 20th birthday.

Let's celebrate:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to a Pair of Former Kentucky Wildcats

A pair of former Kentucky stars are celebrating birthdays over the Labor Day Weekend.

Everyone join me in wishing a happy birthday to Nazr Mohammed and Dale Brown.

Kentucky head coach John Calipari sent Mohammed birthday greetings via Twitter earlier today:

UKCoachCalipari Happy Birthday to @NazrMohammed. Would love to see you back at Rupp Arena this year!

Brown announced his birthday on Facebook, although he was reluctant to announce his age:


Happy Birthday guys!


Former EKU Star Mike Rose Headed to Belgium

According to a Belgian television station, former Eastern Kentucky star Mike Rose will be joining Optima Gent for the 2010-11 season.

Gent is a member of Belgium's top-level D1 league.

Following an outstanding Ohio Valley Conference career at EKU, Rose played briefly in Turkey and finished the season in New Zealand and Australia.

In New Zealand, Rose averaged 22.6 points, 6.6 rebounds and 2.6 steals in 7 games.


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