Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kentucky Took a Major Hit in NCAA Tournament Seeding

ESPN's Eamonn Brennan says that while the Kentucky Wildcats are in no danger of missing the NCAA Tournament, their seeding took a major hit with last night's loss at Arkansas.

Here is an excerpt:

Arkansas 77, No. 22 Kentucky 76: There are road woes -- losing to Alabama, Florida, Vanderbilt, and even Ole Miss -- and then there's this. Kentucky's loss at Arkansas doesn't just follow with this team's disconcerting trend of losing to SEC teams on the road; it accentuates it. Thanks to their inability to finish close games on the road, the young Wildcats are now 19-8 overall and a mere 7-6 in the SEC. Six of Kentucky's total losses have come by four points or less; its combined margin of defeat in those games is 13 points. No, the Wildcats aren't in any danger of missing the tournament. But this team's seed takes a hit -- in this case, a major hit -- every time they lose one of these games to an inferior opponent on the road.

My Thoughts: Kentucky needed to win last night in the worst way for a variety of reasons, with NCAA Tournament seeding topping the list.

Kentucky has a decent chance at pulling a 3-4 seed with a win last night and into the SEC Tournament. With the loss and a very losable game at Tennessee on the schedule, the Wildcats now find themselves in the 5-6 range and fading.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck Kentucky, you'll need it. Remember you'll be playing road games in the NCAA. OVER-RATED!

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