Sunday, February 13, 2011

Minnesota Writer Blasts Tubby Smith, Says UK Fans Were Right

Jim Souhan, a columnist for the Minnesota Star-Tribune, has blasted Minnesota head coach Tubby Smith.

Souhan concludes that Smith's tenure at the University of Minnesota has been a disappointment and adds that Kentucky fans were right in their negative criticisms of Smith, who coached the Wildcats for a decade.

Here is an excerpt:

To those Kentucky fans who based their assessment of Smith on facts and trends, though, let us apologize. You were right.

Four seasons after his arrival, Smith's tenure at the University of Minnesota is officially a disappointment.

Kentucky fans complained that Smith runs no discernible offense.

That he failed to recruit outstanding talent.

That his program had lost momentum and had slid into mediocrity.

Smith won the national title in his first season at Kentucky, with Rick Pitino's players. He continued to be remarkably successful through 2004-05, when he reached the NCAA Elite Eight for the fourth time in eight years.

Since then, Smith appears to have become a different coach. Since then, Smith's teams have been mediocre, and he has appeared increasingly aloof and sensitive.

At Minnesota, he is 31-35 in Big Ten games and has failed to win an NCAA tourney game. Since his last Elite Eight appearance, he is 49-49 in conference games and 2-4 in the tournament, despite having enjoyed the immense advantages provided by Kentucky.

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Anonymous said...

Wow... somehow this writer has totally missed the fact that anyplace in Minnesota is not on the basketball map in any way shape or form... Tubby is a great coach and he's doing a great job.

Larry said...

Does the guy that wrote this article remember Minnesota's record the year before Tubby took over? THEY WERE 9-22 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! All coach Smith has done is win 20 or more games every year he has been there and will probably win that many again this year. He has made them competetive in conference play. Good luck with any coach consistently getting All-Americans to come to Minnesota unless they were born 2 blocks from the campus. Good luck with getting a better coach than Tubby. This writer should come to Lexington and help Jerry Tipton out.

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