Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can Calipari's Kids Handle Vanderbilt's Memorial Gymnasium?

Kentucky's young players will discover what is likely the most bizarre gymnasium they have ever played in on Saturday when the Wildcats battle Vanderbilt in Nashville.

Memorial Gymnasium cannot be accurately described by words. Some words that come to mind, however, include: bizarre, different, strange, weird, ugly, old and unusual. Unfortunately for Kentucky fans, a phrase associated with Memorial Gym is "a difficult place to win."

For Kentucky, a team that has already lost four conference road games, it may be a very difficult place to win.

It will be interesting to see how Kentucky handles the adversity of playing at Vanderbilt. It's an opportunity to pick up a huge Southeastern Conference road win but the threat is there of another disappointing loss.

Can the young Wildcats overcome the "Memorial Magic"?

Some Notes on Memorial Gymnasium:

- Built in 1952

- Seating capacity of 14,316

- Was dedicated as the campus memorial to students and alumni killed in World War II

- The floor was built up above the rest of the arena; almost appearing as a stage

- Benches are located on the ends of the court, rather than the sidelines

- Has been called the "Fenway Park of College Basketball"

- Vanderbilt is 12-1 at Memorial Gym this season (currently holding a halftime lead on Alabama)

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tullock said...

Shouldn't matter where we play. Wildcats are Wildcats they just need to play hard, play hard for the whole game, and win!

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