Monday, March 7, 2011

Does Billy Gillispie Have a Shot at the Texas Tech Job?

The news is out today that Pat Knight has been fired at Texas Tech. The question now becomes: will Billy Gillispie get a shot (no pun) at the job?

ESPN wonders if Gillipsie would be the right fit at Tech:

The easy name to toss out for the Red Raiders' job is former Kentucky, Texas A&M and UTEP coach Billy Gillispie. If the Red Raiders go with Gillispie, they will certainly get a coach with strong Texas ties. But if it's not Gillispie, the job may be wide open. With athletic director Gerald Myers retiring, the university president will likely make the call. Gillispie didn't forget how to coach at Kentucky. He wasn't the right fit for the Wildcats but did wonders at UTEP and A&M.

The Star-Telegram says "give Gillispie a chance":

He hates mention of it, but Gillispie has become immersed in helping people. In addition to things he's done privately, he's formed an active volunteer relationship with Big Brothers and Big Sisters. He said if he does re-enter coaching, that he will become even more involved with those organizations.

"I really do want to coach," he said. "But I do have some other things going for me for probably the first time in my life. For the first time, I can perceive myself doing something else that would really be a good fit.

"I don't know where it's all going to lead. But I know the future will be good either in basketball or something else, because I know I have something to give. And that my heart is in the right place."

If I'm the new AD at Tech, I read that and consider that Gillispie's teams win, his players graduate and he's never had an NCAA rules problem, and I think this is a guy I at least want to talk to.

My Thoughts: I think Billy Gillispie has been away from the game long enough and I hope he ends up coaching the Red Raiders. I feel that Gillispie is the perfect fit for that program and he has proven that he can be successful. It's true that his time at Kentucky was a monumental fail but in his element, he can be a very good coach. Give Gillispie a chance.


Anonymous said...

Billy won more games at UK his first 2 years than Pitino did plus he was SEC coach of the year his first year at UK. I Say give him a chance, He seems to have turned things around in his personal life.

Anonymous said...

He can really recruit in Texas. He couldn't at UK. Give him his chance to shine again!

Anonymous said...

He couldn't at UK? The dude wasn't here long enough.


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