Friday, April 15, 2011

NBA Screws Jay-Z, Gives Michael Jordan a Pass

Scoop Jackson of has a great article today about the NBA's $50,000 fine laid on entertainer Jay-Z following his visit to the University of Kentucky locker room a few weeks ago.

The NBA reasoned that Jay-Z, as minority owner of the New Jersey Nets, violated league rules by making contact with potential NBA Draft picks.

But wait a minute...Michael Jordan "bumped" into the North Carolina Tar Heels in a parking lot of the arena where they happened to be playing and the NBA did nothing. Jordan, of course, owns the Charlotte Bobcats.

Here is Jackson's take:

But hold up. Apparently, a week before the Jay-Z incident, another cultural and global icon had contact and conversations with another college team trying to advance in the NCAA tournament. And just like Jay, this "god" is an owner of an NBA team.

But when the University of North Carolina's ball team "happened" to bump into Michael Jordan in the parking area of the arena where they were playing, and the Charlotte Bobcats owner gave future-first-round-draft-pick-with-eligibility-left Harrison Barnes the "business" about wearing Kobe's kicks instead of his (Jordan Brand, of course), the Jay-Z rule didn't apply.

Videos surfaced of both meetings, but one launched an investigation while the other didn't. It is as though one innocence was innocent and the other wasn't; one meeting unintentional, the other full of it … intent, that is.

Smells kinda, sorta iffy, right?

Emails and calls to the NBA, the Nets, Jay-Z's "people" and the University of Kentucky came back responsive, but unenlightening and unofficial. Beautifully cryptic. No one went on the record or said anything more than, It's a done deal, it's over, keep it moving.

But I was told that Jordan's "encourage" was inadvertent; Jay-Z's wasn't.

That's the word they used. "Encourage." Love that word.

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Here is the video of Jordan interacting with North Carolina and even Duke players:


Anonymous said...

Jordan is an alumni....jayz is not.

Anthony Wireman said...

That doesn't matter. He's not an alumni of Duke and besides that, he owns the Charlotte Bobcats. If rules are rules, both should have been fined, IMO.

AdamLuckey said...

Yep yep. This double standard stinks.

Anonymous said...

Not exactly true. Jordan brand official supplier of UNC gear. Tough to prove he wasn't there for those reasons. Plus David Stern is SCARED of Jordan.

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