Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Darnell Dodson May Get Another Chance at Southern Miss

According to Andy Katz of, former University of Kentucky guard Darnell Dodson may receive another chance to play basketball at the University of Southern Miss.

Here is an excerpt:

In addition, a source said a decision was due soon on reinstating Kentucky transfer guard Darnell Dodson by mid-year. Dodson had been booted off the Wildcats team after the 2009-10 season by coach John Calipari, who did not give a reason.

Dodson transferred to Southern Miss and was enrolled this past January, but in late April, Eustachy announced Dodson had been dismissed from the Golden Eagles as well, and also did not give a reason.

According to the Hattiesburg (Miss.) American, Dodson was charged with felony burglary for allegedly stealing items from a fraternity house in April.

Source: Larry Eustachy has new deal

My Thoughts: Dodson is surely getting low on opportunities. I hope he realizes that and makes the most out of this one.


Anonymous said...

Agree, his first low opportunity was signing with Kentucky.

Anonymous said...

You're right... It's such a low to join the greatest tradition in college basketball. You're as pathetic as your favorite team.


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