Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kentucky's Anthony Davis is NEXT

Kentucky's Anthony Davis is the next big thing in college basketball. The UK freshman will be honored in the January 9, 2012 NEXT issue of ESPN the Magazine.

Here's an excerpt:

Then the Spurt happened. Davis played exactly one summer on the travel circuit before his out-of-nowhere talent made headlines. Within a month after his first tournament during his junior year, he was a top-10-ranked recruit. Although he got offers to spend his senior year at Chicago's public school powerhouses, Davis decided to stay at Perspectives Charter School, where he averaged 32 points, 22 rebounds and seven blocks per game. "When I grew, it made the game a lot easier for me," Davis says. "I didn't have to try to shoot floaters over these giant guys."

Now he's a menace. Davis had blocked 14.74 percent of two-point field goals taken against him through Dec. 17 (fifth nationally), with 4.4 rejections per game (second). When Davis had seven blocks in a win over Kansas at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 15, Calipari says he texted 16-year NBA vet Marcus Camby (whom he coached at UMass): "Remind you of you when you were younger?" Camby laughed and responded yes. Then Cal gets serious: "Anthony is ahead of Marcus at this stage. Marcus was good but not like this as a freshman."

Anthony Davis is NEXT

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