Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rumor Updates: Chuck Hayes and Rajon Rondo

There have been numerous rumors involving former University of Kentucky stars Rajon Rondo and Chuck Hayes.

Rondo has been mentioned in several trade rumors, but Celtics GM Danny Ainge stated on Thursday, "I am not trying to trade Rondo. I am not."

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Seeking to put an end to sudden and rampant speculation that the Celtics were looking to trade point guard Rajon Rondo, general manager Danny Ainge met with the media on Thursday and said bluntly, “I am not trying to trade Rondo. I am not.” Rondo’s name hit the rumor mill almost immediately after attention shifted from the finalization of the new collective bargaining agreement to player movement in the truncated offseason. Several possibilities for Rondo deals cropped up, none of which had much merit. The only one that made much sense was that the Celtics had offered Rondo to the Hornets for Chris Paul, but even that was more speculation than fact because the Hornets are not yet seeking to trade Paul, and Paul is unlikely to sign an extension in Boston, anyway.

Ainge also rebuffed speculation that the team had leaked the stories about Rondo. “We didn't leak those rumors and it is unfortunate,” he said.

As for Hayes, he is a free agent and it's not clear if the Houston Rockets will re-sign him at this point.

According to, the Rockets met with Hayes on Wednesday:

Hayes' agent, Calvin Andrews, confirms the contact from the Rockets.

"He's got a healthy amount of interest with teams outside the Rockets," Andrews said. "The Rockets have reached out. They have expressed their interest level. We haven't talked any details, numbers or contract information, but they have expressed sincere interest in Chuck.

"That's where it is right now and we're waiting to have another conversation with (Rockets general manager) Daryl (Morey)."

Andrews is not ready to divulge who has contacted him about Hayes, but he does acknowledge four other teams have also called and he is expecting more.

"He feels good about the interest level and he feels something good will happen out of this," Andrews said.

Andrews reiterates Hayes' stance that he wants to return to the Rockets if it is possible.

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