Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ex Claims Antoine Walker Owes $27,817 in Tuition Bills

Donna Grant, the mother of Antoine Walker's teenage daughter, appeared in a Chicago-area court this morning for an emergency hearing, hoping to force Walker to pay past due tuition bills for the daughter.

Grant claims that Walker owes more than $27,000 for past due bills to the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools.

Here is an excerpt from

According to records provided by Grant, Walker owes $27,817 to the Lab Schools for his daughter’s tuition. Walker’s 13-year-old daughter is a 7th grader at the school in Hyde Park. She has attended the exclusive private school all of her life, Grant said.

“She’s a great student. She sings in the children’s choir, does the school play, and she gets good grades,” Grant said of their daughter. “I can’t ask for anything better in a kid, so why hold her back? I’m fighting for what he has promised.”

Walker, 35, did not appear in court on Wednesday. He is currently on probation in Idaho after he pleaded guilty to not paying about $750,000 in gambling debts to three casinos. In order to leave, he has to get special permission from his parole officer, officials said.

But his attorney, Jessee R. Dagen, told the judge that Walker can no longer afford to pay for his daughter’s education. She said Walker has asked that his daughter be removed from the exclusive private school and enrolled in a less expensive school or sent to a public school.

“The tuition for the school far exceeds his income right now,” said Dagen, as she handed the judge documents which listed Walker’s income. “There are no additional assets or income. … He is unable to pay.”

Antoine Walker's debt keeps daughter from private school, mom says

My Thoughts: Public schools are a pretty solid option when one cannot afford private schooling.


Anonymous said...

i don't think the argument is whether she should automatically enroll in public if she doesn't have the funds, it's the fact that the deadbeat dad has gambling debts out his ying yang and the child suffers due to his idiocy... sure public schools are fine, but if you are the child of a famous person who owes some bad men debt, i would say private may be even better for protection of assets, wouldn't you?

Anthony Wireman said...

If Walker doesn't have the money, then Walker doesn't have the money. No question, he's the cause of his own problems but at some point the ex needs to realize it is what it is and move on.

metalarm said...

I agree with both of the above post to a certain point. As we all know children come from relationships because the mother wants a free ride and thinks a child will get her that ride. I know the child shouldn't have to suffer but sometime the mother doesn't get what she want when she did something wrong and you can't get "blood out of a turnip" If Walker hasn't got it then she can't get it so go to work herself.

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