Saturday, March 24, 2012

Cats vs. Cards in the Final Four Would be Bluegrass Heaven

Gene Wojciechowski of is rooting for a "bluegrass heaven" matchup between Louisville and Kentucky in the Final Four.

Of course, Louisville will have to get past Florida and Kentucky still has to contend with Baylor, but there's no way to ignore the enormity of a potential national semifinal battle between the Cats and Cards.

Here's an excerpt of Wojciechowski's thoughts:

Say it with me: Kentucky versus Louisville … Kentucky versus Louisville … Kentucky versus Louisville …

If it happens -- and I'm openly and unapologetically rooting for the matchup -- the entire Commonwealth of Kentucky will need its medication adjusted. It will make the Derby look like Bible study class. One way or another, it will become basketball legend.

"I've worked here since July of 1978," said Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Rick Bozich. "It would be the biggest sporting event that I could remember covering in nearly 34 years."

"It would be ridiculous," said Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay. "Totally ridiculous."

It would be six exits past ridiculous. The state would shut down on Final Four Saturday. You could run naked through downtown Louisville or Lexington and nobody would notice. Fans in the hoops-addicted Commonwealth would be duct-taped to their TVs.

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