Tuesday, March 20, 2012

USA Today Writer Takes Hilarious Jabs at Bob Knight

Mike Lopresti of USAToday.com takes some funny jabs at Bob Knight in his NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 preview.

Lopresti, like Knight, refuses to say the word Kentucky in his article. Instead, he uses hilarious adjectives to describe the team.

Here is an excerpt:

But as intriguing a match as any will be Friday when Indiana goes against the team that sometimes wears blue and sometimes wears white.

All that comes from Dec. 10, when the Hoosiers won on Christian Watford's three-pointer at the buzzer, handing the team from the Fayette County seat its first loss of the season. As Assembly Hall partied, the team 28 miles down the road from Frankfort slumped on the floor, shocked and beaten.

"We hate to lose any game. But the way we lost, that just made it that much worse,'' said Marquis Teague, who plays guard for Adolph Rupp's old team.

"I was the first one to cry. It just hurt,'' said Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, a freshman for the team with the nickname of a small mammal found in many countries, including parts of India, China and Mongolia.

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Anonymous said...

If the same writer took jabs at Calipari, You would be calling them cheap shots.

Anonymous said...

John Calipari or any other coach doesn't refuse to mention a persons name. Any other coach doesn't act like a 5 year old like knight does. John Calipari talks about Rick Pitino or anyone else. Bob Knight acts like a child simply because he lost to UK more than he beat UK (and during his tenure at IU, IU was a better program during the late 70s thru the 80s even though UK was good during this period).

You're one of the greatest coaches in this game coach. Start acting like a grown up. You're embarrassing yourself

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