Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bob Huggins Very Happy to See John Calipari Win Title

West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins was happy to see his good friend John Calipari win the national championship.

Here is an excerpt:

You better believe Huggins was watching his friend.

"I enjoyed it very much," Huggins said.

"(Kansas head coach) Bill Self’s a friend too, but Bill and I don’t go back nearly as far as Cal and I."

The two might seem different on the surface.

Most think of Calipari in one of his finest suits on the sidelines, while Huggins dons his finest sweat suit.

When they speak, Huggins is much more subdued than Calipari.

But they aren’t that different at all.

They both grew up with a rich background in basketball. They’re gym rats and, because of that, have been able to become two of the most successful coaches in college basketball.

"Cal and I both have strong ties with the past," Huggins said. "We went to dinner with (former UNLV head coach Jerry Tarkanian) last summer in Vegas. We both appreciate, and kind of relish, being able to spend time with guys like Larry Brown, Tark and the late Charlie Spoonhour.

"We appreciate the past and what the people before us did."

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