Thursday, May 31, 2012

ESPN Grades Eric Bledsoe's 2011-12 Season gives former Kentucky star Eric Bledsoe a "B+" for his performance in Los Angeles during the 2011-12 season.

Here is an excerpt:

2011-2012 contributions: Bledsoe missed the first month of the season while recovering from an offseason meniscus tear and didn't even get into the rotation until March, but he was very productive in the final month and in the playoffs. In fact, Bledsoe was arguably the Clippers' third or fourth most important player in their playoff run, when he consistently came in and injected energy to the rest of the club during his limited minutes. He finished the team's 11 playoff games with averages of 7.9 points, 2.1 assists and 1.2 steals, but those numbers don't do his production justice. Bledsoe was, to put it simply, a postseason revelation.

Grade: B+

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Anonymous said...

EB is a baller & has many good years in front of him in the NBA.

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