Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shrimp Boat Finds Kentucky Wildcats Prosthetic Leg

In one of the more bizarre stories in recent memory, a shrimp boat off the coast of Florida netted an unusual catch Thursday morning.

The boat's captain discovered a prosthetic leg in his nets. The limb's owner was apparently a University of Kentucky fan as the leg had been airbrushed with a UK logo.

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“We’ve caught (portable toilets), boat trailers and crab traps,” said Matt Willingham, who owns the Michele Dawn shrimp boat and Willingham Seafood. “This was the first to catch a prosthetic leg.”

Willingham said that if the limb had been in the water longer, it would have been covered with barnacles. He speculated that someone lost the limb at Crab Island the past weekend.

It came up in the turtle excluder during a pass between Crab Island and the Brooks Bridge at about 2 a.m. Its owner was apparently a University of Kentucky fan, since the molded knee portion had been airbrushed with the school’s motto and a wildcat

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