Friday, October 19, 2012

Dexter Strickland: "Nobody had the ability to stop us"

North Carolina guard Dexter Strickland is back from an ACL injury in 2012-13 and he seems to have plenty of confidence.

Jeff Goodman of spoke to Strickland and the conversation included jabs at North Carolina State, a declaration that the Tar Heels would have won the 2012 NCAA title had they avoided injuries and some boasting about his scoring ability.

Check out this excerpt of his comments:

Strickland wasn't done, though.

I asked him whether he still thought about how everything might have been different last season if Kendall Marshall and he had been on the court for the NCAA tournament -- and John Henson had been healthy as well.

"All the time," he said. "I'll be honest. If nobody got hurt, you might as well have given us the trophy. Nobody had the ability to stop us."

I don't agree it would have been a sure thing, but it certainly would have been one heck of a game that could have gone either way. Remember, Kentucky needed an Anthony Davis last-second block to take care of the Tar Heels earlier in the season at Rupp.

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Kentucky defeated a healthy North Carolina team 73-72 at Rupp Arena in December last season.


Rich said...

Why are these kids so dumb with their comments? Nobody knows what he is boasting, can't kids just go play the game and show their ability on the court instead of showing how well they can talk smack. Heck if a lot of things had went different for a number of teams then a lot of other things could have changed but the fact is KY beat them, last time I checked you only had to win any game by 1 point. Also the championship is in KY not NC and until they win it all this year it will remain there!

Anonymous said...

He should have said how it was just an honor to be on the same court as the Cats!!!! UNC could play the Cats a thousand times and it would be a thousand wins for the Cats!!!! C A T S CATS CATS CATS!!!!!!

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