Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Harrison Twins: How Much of an Impact Will Under Armour Have?

Eric Prisbell of USA Today has written an interesting article about the recruitment of 2013 star Andrew and Aaron Harrison, who will announce their college decisions tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. ET.

Prisbell feels that Under Armour could play a key role in the Harrisons' final decision.

Maryland, of course, is an Under Armour school. Kentucky, on the other hand, is sponsored by Nike.

Here is an excerpt of the article:

Harrison Sr., said that until September even the college coaches courting his sons had to go through dad first. One exception: Chris Hightower, in charge of basketball marketing at Under Armour.

"He is my saving grace that there are some upright, straight, humane people in the basketball business," Harrison Sr. said. "He is the one guy who can call Aaron and Andrew.

"They text him, 'Hey, Chris, appreciate what you sent us, thanks a lot. Hey, Chris, do you have a black hoodie? Does Under Armour make this or that?' He will text them, 'Great game I saw on TV.' "

Under Armour sponsors Maryland's basketball team as well as the AAU team for which Harrison coaches and his sons play. And if the connection between Hightower and Maryland was not clear enough, Hightower uses an image of the Under Armour-designed Maryland football uniforms for his Twitter picture.

Here are some additional comments from Harrison Sr.:

"Me being in the used-car business, and I will let you know this, the basketball business, is 25 times worse than the used-car business," he said. "It is not even close. It blows my mind what people try to do or that people think it's OK and they'll tell you things and you fall for.

"I'll be frank with you, there are college coaches who are just as involved in this thing as any AAU guy. I am more of a father than an AAU guy. I am not a handler. I don't own any kids. . . . At some point they will become their own men."

Andrew and Aaron Harrison will announce their decisions tomorrow on ESPNU at 5:00 p.m. ET. Their top two schools are thought to be Kentucky and Maryland.


Wes Mullen said...
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Anonymous said...

Is this relationship with Under Armor supply them with gifts not a NCAA violation in some way?

Anthony Wireman said...

I think they are allowed to supply things because they actually sponsor the AAU team.

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