Friday, August 17, 2012

Sources: Allan Hatcher, Brian Kelly Stepping Down

Here are a couple of Kentucky high school basketball notes to pass along:

- I confirmed this morning that Perry Central head coach Allan Hatcher is stepping down to take a job in Logan, West Virginia. A source says the official announcement will be coming soon.

- According to a good source, Fleming County head coach Brian Kelly is stepping down and likely moving back to Tennessee.

John Calipari Announces Kentucky Basketball Alumni Game

University of Kentucky head coach John Calipari has announced that there will be a UK alumni basketball game on September 15 in Rupp Arena.

The game will feature 23 former Kentucky stars. More details coming soon...

Tyler Ennis Picks Syracuse Over UCLA, Louisville

Tyler Ennis has reportedly committed to Syracuse.

Ennis, a 6-foot-2 point guard in the 2013 class, picked Syracuse over Louisville and UCLA:

Highly coveted recruit Tyler Ennis announced Thursday that he is committing to join the Syracuse Orange. The 6-foot-2 point guard from Brampton, Ontario, Canada, who plays for New Jersey prep power St. Benedict's, reportedly picked Syracuse over the UCLA Bruins, Louisville Cardinals and Memphis Tigers. The word is that Syracuse recruited Ennis harder than any other school, putting the Orange in the lead to land him all along.

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Recruiting Round Table Being Planned for Coaches

Shane Howard of Custom College Recruiting is organizing a recruiting discussion forum/round table to likely be held in Lexington during the annual KABC coaches’ clinic weekend.

The event, which will not conflict with any KABC scheduling, will serve as a supplemental experience to the weekend.

Howard’s session, which will be free to attend, will focus on providing educational insight into the college recruiting process. The presentation will explain the recruiting process, deliver uncut insight into what can be expected during the process and offer advice on how coaches can help potential recruits.

Note: Custom College Recruiting is not associated with the KABC

If interested in attending, contact Coach Howard at

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ray Kasongo Staying at East Ridge and Other Notes

I just spoke to Ray Kasongo and he said he is staying at East Ridge High School for the 2012-13 season.

Kasongo said the people at East Ridge were a big factor in his decision to return for another year.

"The reason why I decided to stay at East Ridge is because the people down here did a lot for me and it was kind of hard to let that all go," he explained.

Kasongo was considering a move to Oak Hill Academy during the summer but ultimately decided to stay put.

"Oak Hill is a good opportunity and any kid would be lucky to go there," Kasongo stated. "What I have always believed is that if you are good and you put the time and work into it, no matter where you are at, coaches will find you and good things will happen for you."

Other News:

- Robbie Russell is the new head coach at Magoffin County High School. Russell replaces Neil "Nehi" West, who stepped down during the summer.

- I spoke to a source today who said 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward Kevin Ndahiro has enrolled at Thomas Nelson High School in Bardstown. Ndahiro moved to the area from Ontario.

- Holy Cross star Antonio Campbell has committed to Ohio University.

- Bullitt East star Rusty Troutman has committed to Bellarmine University.

Anonymous Coaches: Calipari Best at Bending the Rules

The guys continue on with their random questioning of "anonymous" college basketball coaches today.

Today's question: Who's the best coach at bending but not breaking the rules?

In an absolute stunner, John Calipari was voted No. 1 with 13 percent of the votes. He was closely followed by Florida's Billy Donovan. The top 8 also includes Sean Miller, Tom Crean, Mike Krzyzewski, Roy Williams, Tom Izzo and Josh Pastner.

Here is an excerpt:

The question is: Which coach is best at bending the rules but not breaking them?

•John Calipari: 13 percent
•Billy Donovan: 11 percent
•Sean Miller: 8 percent
•Tom Crean: 8 percent
•Mike Krzyzewski: 6 percent
•Roy Williams: 6 percent
•Tom Izzo: 5 percent
•Josh Pastner: 5 percent
Others: too many to list

Quotes that stuck:

On Calipari: "Everyone says he cheats, but when has been caught?"

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Ed Daniel Interview at 2012 adidas Nations Event

Here is Murray State star Ed Daniel talking to Hoopsworld at the 2012 adidas Nations event:

Kentucky Basketball to Play in Outstanding Nike Tournament

Andy Katz of has just reported that Kentucky basketball will compete in a high profile Nike tournament in 2017.

The two-tournament event will be held in honor of Nike co-founder Phil Knight's 80th birthday.

The event will include elite programs such as UK, Michigan State, Duke, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio State, Connecticut, Georgetown and Texas.

Here is more from

This event would have more collective star power than any of the previous tournaments played at Maui, New York, Orlando or the Bahamas. The 16 Nike-sponsored schools -- mostly elite programs -- include Michigan State, Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina.

Hollis said he has commitments from schools representing all of college basketball's power conferences. NCAA rules prohibit schools from the same conference playing in the same event, hence the two eight-team tournaments.

The other schools are Florida, Ohio State, Connecticut, Georgetown, Texas, Oklahoma, Stanford, Oregon, Xavier, Butler, Gonzaga and Portland.

"All of these great basketball programs have been supported by Phil Knight and Nike," Hollis said. "His support of the programs have created scholarships and resources for these departments to excel."

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Roy Williams on Scandal: "Our track record is pretty doggone good"

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams spoke to Taylor Zarzour and Marc James at Charlotte radio station 610-AM on Wednesday.

Williams said he is bothered by the academic scandal at UNC and stated that he thinks things have been done the right way in his basketball program since he returned from Kansas in 2003.

Here is an excerpt from

North Carolina coach Roy Williams reiterated Wednesday to Taylor Zarzour and Marc James at Charlotte radio station 610-AM that he is bothered by the academic scandal in his school’s African and Afro-American Studies department. But he also reiterated that he thinks things have been done the right way in his basketball program since he returned from Kansas in 2003.

“No question about it,’’ Williams told “The Drive.” “Our track record is pretty doggone good. And our track record has been pretty doggone good for 15 years at Kansas, nine years at North Carolina. And we know how much we emphasize the academic side in the basketball office. We know what our guys are majoring in. We know -- every day we’re in touch with those kids. So it’s something, again, that I’m very proud of.

“And am I going to sit here and say there is absolutely no way nothing will ever happen? Nothing will ever show up? We don’t know what’s going on every day. I mean, I’ve got 13 to 17 kids, counting the walk-ons and things like that. You don’t know. But boy, I feel really, really good about what’s happened academically in the basketball program since we came.”

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Video: Brandon Knight Working on Handles

Check out former Kentucky star Brandon Knight working on his handles this summer:

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Josh Harrellson Waived by the Houston Rockets

Former Kentucky big man Josh Harrellson has been waived by the Houston Rockets according to Mark Berman of Fox 26 in Houston.

MarkBermanFox26 Per NBA sources the Rockets waived Josh Harrelson.

The Rockets had a logjam at the power forward position with former Cats Harrellson, Patrick Patterson and Terrence Jones.

Harrellson is expected to find work with another NBA team.

Video: UK Recruit Tony Trocha at 2012 adidas Nations

Check out this new footage of Kentucky recruit Tony Trocha at the 2012 adidas Nations event:

* Video by CLHTV2 on YouTube

2013 PG Tyler Ennis to Announce Thursday; Louisville in the Mix

According to Jerry Meyer of, 2013 star Tyler Ennis will announce his college decision on Thursday.

jerrymeyer247 4 star pg Tyler Ennis will announce between Illinois, Louisville, Memphis, Syracuse and UCLA Thursday night.

Ennis, a 6-foot-2 point guard, is considering Illinois, Louisville, Memphis, Syracuse and UCLA. He ranks No. 20 overall on the list for 2013.

Florida Freshman Chris Walker is a Huge Fan of Chris Walker

If Florida freshman Chris Walker expresses any more confidence, he may suffer an injury from patting himself on the back.

Walker, who has already guaranteed a national championship for the Gators, is certainly confident in his basketball abilities.

Here are some of Walker's comments in a recent interview:

"NBA draft people have said I'm like a sick mix of Kevin Garnett and Perry Jones III ," Walker said.

"I can shoot threes now. I can finesse you. I can dunk on you. I can guard anything, and I'm rebounding better. When I block shots I catch the ball. I can post you up with my back to the basket and hit you with a post move. Or I can face you up and use my quickness to blow by you."


North Carolina Athletics... Zero Point Zero

On the surface, it looks as if North Carolina is involved in potentially the biggest academic fraud scandal in the history of college athletics.

As you likely know by now, the college transcripts of a former star football player were accidentally (or maybe intentionally) published online on the official University of North Carolina website.

That athlete, which happens to be NFL star Julius Peppers, was clearly allowed to play during semesters that the transcripts show he should have been declared academically ineligible.

A man named Jacob Kiper was able to obtain screenshots of Peppers' alleged transcripts and grade summaries, which have now been removed from the UNC site:

The transcripts show that Peppers earned a 1.73 GPA in the Spring Semester of 1999. Although the ACC requires a 2.0 to be academically eligible, Peppers was allowed to play.

After the Spring Semester of 2000, Peppers had a 1.828 GPA and was declared ineligible. He then earned a "C" in a class titled Blacks in Film during the first summer session, lifting his GPA to 1.837. Peppers was then declared eligible.

Further investigation shows that Peppers' agent, Carl Carey, actually taught in the African and Afro-American Studies department during this time.

Andrew Carter of interviewed Carey recently. Here is an excerpt:

AC: You worked for years inside a major college athletic department, and I’m guessing worked with a lot athletes – like Julius – for whom academics was a struggle. From your experience, what were – and are – some of your concerns about how athletics and academics coexist on college campuses?

CC: This is what I’ll say: God gives ability to people in different areas. And just like it would be difficult for a typical student to compete on a basketball court, or a football field, it is sometimes difficult for a student who happens to have a given talent in athletics to compete at the same level as a 1500 SAT. It doesn’t make one student better than the other, that their talent happens to be in a different domain.
We don’t criticize the general student for not being able to perform well in athletics. And so this focus on the fact that some student-athletes aren’t as talented as the general student in the population at a university, it’s unfair to them. That may not be their area of strength. And actually, I applaud them for competing in an area that’s not their area of strength because we don’t ask the typical student to compete on the basketball court or on the football field.”

AC: Is Julius aware that his transcript is apparently out there, for the public to see?
CC: He’s in training camp and so his focus is on training camp. He is aware that there is something out there regarding a transcript, but his focus is on training camp, where it should be.

AC: And how, exactly, did you work with Julius during his years at UNC? I read the ESPN the Magazine story from years ago on your relationship so I know a bit about it, but what was your role in working with him?
CC: What I’ll do is I’ll just say this, generally speaking, for background. That I was an athletic academic adviser. And during that time there were two of us that were primarily assigned to the football team. And so I essentially advised half of the football team, academically

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If the transcripts are accurate, Peppers' list of classes included: Black Experience, Basic Writing, Elements of Drama, Blacks in Latin America, Intro African Civilization, AFRAM Leadership, Kiswahili I, Blacks in Film, Stagecraft, Black Nationalism, Contemporary Africa, AFRAM Seminar, Northeast get the idea.

Gregg Doyel of says North Carolina cheated, prospered and it's time for a reckoning. Here is an excerpt:

See what we have here? We have evidence not only of grades being given to athletes for at least a decade -- but also that UNC academic support staff steered athletes to those classes. This can't be dismissed as the rogue actions of a man named Julius Nyang'oro, the embattled former head of the Department of African and Afro-American Studies. If it was just him, well, that could be explained away to a certain extent. The school would be vulnerable to NCAA sanctions, but one man running amok? That's not horrible.

What actually happened at North Carolina?

This is horrible.

Academic advisers steering athletes to Nyang'oro's department. Athletes staying eligible by getting grades in some classes that didn't even exist. Athletes who played football and men's basketball.

Did the coaches know? Well, ask yourself this: Are we to believe that academic advisers were steering famous athletes to bogus classes behind the backs of the millionaire coaches who recruited, coached and needed those athletes to remain eligible?

Answers are coming, but already we know this: The scandal spanned the decade from 2001-11. Know what happened that decade? The UNC men's basketball team played in three Final Fours. It won national titles in 2005 and '09.

Did any players on those NCAA championship teams attend bogus classes? According to the News & Observer, almost 67 percent of the students in those 54 classes were athletes. Most played football, but the newspaper reported that UNC records showed "basketball players had also enrolled. In two of the classes, the sole enrollee was a basketball player."

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Mark Emmert...the ball is in your court now.

It's DeMarcus Cousins Week on

It's DeMarcus Cousins Week on Check out this highlight package of the former Kentucky big man:

Kings Director of Player Personnel Jerry Reynolds gives his thoughts on Cousins:

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

UCLA's Shabazz Muhammad Being Investigated for Improper Benefits

UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad has been ruled ineligible for a three-game exhibition tour of China later this month.

According to UCLA's site, Muhammad is being investigated for alleged improper benefits during his recruiting process.

Here is an excerpt:

UCLA's prized freshman, Shabazz Muhammad, will be ineligible to play in the three games in China at the end of the month...

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Video: The John Calipari Era at Kentucky

Check out this outstanding video titled "The John Calipari Era":

* Video by Airball89 on YouTube

2014 Star Trevon Bluiett Has Offer from Louisville

Trevon Bluiett, a 6-foot-5 forward from Park Tudor (Ind.), has an offer from Louisville and head coach Rick Pitino.

Bluiett has visited both Louisville and Kentucky. His offer list currently includes Butler, Cincinnati, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, IUPUI, Kansas State, Louisville, Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia and Xavier.

Here is more from

Bluiett had visited the Illinois campus previously.

“(Groce) talked about the renovations that were going to be done there and things like that,” he said. “We watched a couple of videos from when he was at Ohio and he talked about how he saw me playing at Illinois and the style of play he wants to use.”

In addition to Illinois, Bluiett also visited Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan and Xavier this summer. His scholarship offer list now includes Butler, Cincinnati, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, IUPUI, Kansas State, Louisville, Michigan, Notre Dame, Virginia and Xavier

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Jodie Meeks Talks About New Role with Los Angeles and More

Former University of Kentucky star Jodie Meeks is the newest member of the Los Angeles Lakers. Mike Trudell of recently went 1-on-1 with Meeks about his new team and his role with the Lakers.

Here is an excerpt:

MT: People may recall your hitting 10 threes in one game at Kentucky before setting the scoring record for a single game (54). Guessing you could shoot out of the womb, but have you been able to show your whole game within the role you’ve been assigned?
Meeks: I’ve always been able to shoot. When I was in college, I worked really hard to show people I could shoot, because when I was coming out of high school people said I was athletic, but I couldn’t shoot that well. Now it’s the opposite. People say I can shoot but I’m not as athletic. I’m interested in showing everyone my entire game. My role in my first three seasons in the NBA has been (as) a spot-up shooter, which I’ve been glad to do, but I feel like I can score in many different ways. I can get to the free throw line, I have a mid-range game, I can create off the dribble, but that hasn’t been my role. Coming off the bench on this team, I think I can be that spark.

MT: With players like Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday in Philly that played more off the dribble, it makes sense that you’d be asked to spot up
Meeks: It wouldn’t be intelligent for me to do something (other) than what the team needed. The role for me was to spot up, and I think I did a pretty good job; the team made the playoffs in both my years as a starter. I worked really hard in that regard, because when you’re spotting up, you don’t get that many shots to make the most out of.

MT: And you’ll most likely be doing plenty of spotting up for Mike Brown as well. Can it be difficult to find a rhythm when you only get a few shots a game?
Meeks: Sometimes, but you have to make the most out of it. I don’t really use excuses. I expect myself to make the shot. However many I get – one, two, 10 – I’m just going to try and make the most out of them.

MT: Do you have a percentage in mind that you shoot for?
Meeks: I want to hit all of them, but that’s not realistic. I try to make more than I miss. A good game for me would be to make four of eight, 50 percent. You’ll have off nights, but I want to have consistent shot-making ability of half my shots.

MT: What do you make of playing behind Kobe Bryant?
Meeks: It’s a great opportunity. He’s a guy I’ve looked up to since I was a little kid. He has a lot of experience and can definitely be a mentor towards me as a young player, just going into my fourth year.

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Video: John Wall Highlights from Drew League Semifinals

Check out former Kentucky star John Wall in the top highlights from the Drew League semifinals:

* Video by

Monday, August 13, 2012

Troy Williams in Top 10 Plays from Big Strick Classic

Kentucky recruit Troy Williams is featured several times in Hoopmixtape's top 10 plays from the Big Strick Classic in New York City:

Kentucky Wesleyan Signs Exclusive Deal with adidas

Kentucky Wesleyan College Athletics has signed a five-year exclusive deal with adidas.

Here is a release from KWC:

Kentucky Wesleyan College Athletics signed a five- year contract with adidas to provide exclusive apparel and footwear to all 17 Panther teams, according to director of athletics David Williams.

"This will be the first time that Kentucky Wesleyan has been outfitted by one brand exclusively," Williams stated. "The advantage of coordinating athletic apparel purchases with one brand and vendor will be significant.

"We are assured of a streamlined purchasing process and competitive pricing on items along with a substantial yearly sponsorship of the department. In addition, being associated with the adidas brand will allow us to enhance our image and consistency of our look."

Complete Release

Video: Andrew Wiggins 2012 Summer Mixtape

Check out these highlights of Kentucky recruit Andrew Wiggins from this summer - perhaps the best player in high school basketball:

* Video by MeetMeAtTheRim on YouTube

Campbellsville University Releases Men's Basketball Schedule for 2012-13

Campbellsville University has released the school's men's basketball schedule for the 2012-13 season.

2012-13 Men's Basketball Schedule

Day Time Opponent Score Record


% 29 @ Western Kentucky - Exhibition


5 8:00 PM @ Brescia University
12 7:00 PM vs. Indiana University Northwest
* 15 8:00 PM vs. University of Pikeville
* 17 4:00 PM vs. UVA-Wise
* 20 8:00 PM vs. Lindsey Wilson
23 7:00 PM vs. Freed-Hardeman - Lindsey Wilson Classic - Columbia, Ky.
24 3:00 PM vs. Belhaven University - Lindsey Wilson Classic - Columbia, Ky.
* 29 8:00 PM @ St. Catharine College


* 1 4:00 PM @ Georgetown College
7 9:00 PM vs. Martin Methodist - Lou Cunningham Classic - Campbellsville, Ky.
8 5:00 PM vs. Robert Morris College - Lou Cunningham Classic
14 7:00 PM vs. Brescia University


* 3 8:00 PM @ University of Rio Grande
* 5 4:00 PM @ Shawnee State University
8 8:00 PM @ Robert Morris College
* 12 4:00 PM vs. Bluefield College
* 17 8:00 PM vs. University of the Cumberlands
* 19 4:00 PM vs. Cumberland Univ.
* 24 8:00 PM @ Bluefield College
26 3:00 PM @ West Virginia Tech
* 31 8:00 PM vs. Shawnee State University


* 2 4:00 PM vs. University of Rio Grande
4 7:00 PM vs. West Virginia Tech
* 7 8:00 PM @ Cumberland Univ.
* 9 4:00 PM @ University of the Cumberlands
* 14 8:00 PM @ UVA-Wise
* 16 4:00 PM @ University of Pikeville
* 21 8:00 PM vs. Georgetown College
* 23 4:00 PM vs. St. Catharine College - Senior Night
* 25 8:00 PM @ Lindsey Wilson


1 vs. TBA Mid-South Conference Tournament - Frankfort, Ky. -- March 1-3
13 vs. TBA NAIA National Tournament - Kansas City, Mo. -- March 13-19

Tony Trocha to Enter College in December, Holds UK Offer

Kentucky recruit Tony Trocha, a native of Columbia, plans to enter college in December.

According to, Trocha has an offer from Kentucky.

Here is an excerpt:

That’s what his mentor, Jamie Ibanez, told Monday afternoon.

“He’s going to college in December, spring semester,” Ibanez said of the Colombian native. “He’s not going to prep school or anything.”

During the Reebok Breakout Challenge last month, Ibanez rattled off a list of scholarship offers that includes Kentucky, Ohio State, Baylor, Texas A&M, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon, Providence and Georgetown, among others

Complete Article


Lindsey Wilson College Releases 2012-13 Men's Basketball Schedule

Lindsey Wilson College has released the school's men's basketball schedule for 2012-13.

2012-13 Men's Basketball Schedule

Day Time Opponent Score Record


2 7:00 PM vs. Virginia University of Lynchburg Columbia, Ky.
10 7:00 PM vs. Ohio State University-Mansfield Columbia, Ky.
11 1:00 PM vs. Indiana University Northwest Columbia, Ky.
* 15 8:00 PM vs. UVA-Wise Columbia, Ky.
* 17 4:00 PM vs. University of Pikeville Columbia, Ky.
* 20 7:00 PM @ Campbellsville University Campbellsville, Ky.
23 8:00 PM vs. Belhaven University Columbia, Ky.
24 4:00 PM vs. Freed-Hardeman Columbia, Ky.
* 29 7:00 PM @ Georgetown College Georgetown, Ky.


* 1 3:00 PM @ St. Catharine College St. Catharine, Ky.
4 8:00 PM vs. Truett-McConnell College Columbia, Ky.
7 6:00 PM vs. Robert Morris College Campbellsville, Ky.
8 2:00 PM vs. Martin Methodist Campbellsville, Ky.
^ 15 3:30 PM @ Kentucky Wesleyan College Owensboro, Ky.
19 2:00 PM vs. Taylor University Columbia, Ky.
29 2:00 PM vs. Miami University - Hamilton Columbia, Ky.


* 3 7:00 PM @ Shawnee State University Portsmouth, Ohio
* 5 3:00 PM @ University of Rio Grande Rio Grande, Ohio
* 10 8:00 PM vs. Bluefield College Columbia, Ky.
* 17 8:00 PM vs. Cumberland Univ. Columbia, Ky.
* 19 4:00 PM vs. University of the Cumberlands Columbia, Ky.
* 26 3:00 PM @ Bluefield College Bluefield, Va.
* 31 8:00 PM vs. University of Rio Grande Columbia, Ky.


* 2 4:00 PM vs. Shawnee State University Columbia, Ky.
* 7 7:00 PM @ University of the Cumberlands Williamsburg, Ky.
* 9 4:00 PM @ Cumberland Univ. Columbia, Ky.
* 14 7:00 PM @ University of Pikeville Pikeville, Ky.
* 16 3:00 PM @ UVA-Wise Wise, Va.
* 21 8:00 PM vs. St. Catharine College Columbia, Ky.
* 23 4:00 PM vs. Georgetown College Columbia, Ky.
* 25 8:00 PM vs. Campbellsville University Columbia, Ky.


1 vs. TBA Frankfort, Ky. Mid-South Conference Tournament - March 1-3
13 vs. TBA Kansas City, Mo. NAIA National Tournament -- March 13-19

* Conference Event
% Scrimmage
^ Exhibition

Nerlens Noel and Willie Cauley-Stein at 2012 adidas Nations

Check out these highlights of Kentucky freshmen Nerlens Noel and Willie Cauley-Stein at the 2012 adidas Nations event:

* Video by CLHTV2 on YouTube

Morehead State Lands JUCO Star Bakari Turner

Morehead State has picked up a late commitment from JUCO star Bakari Turner, who originally committed to Texas Tech and Billy Gillispie.

Turner announced the news on Twitter:

Bakari_Turner God is good change of plans on what jersey you guys will see me wearing this yr but say heyy to your new Morehead St university Sg #Blessed

Turner is a 6-foot-3 shooting guard who was rated as a 3-star recruit by out of high school. He originally committed to Baylor but ended up taking the junior college route at Cedar Valley College.

Last season, Turner was one of the leading scorers in the nation, averaging 24.4 points per game. He also averaged 10.5 rebounds, 3.2 assists, 2.4 steals and 2.2 blocks.

Turner had 44 points, 12 rebounds, 8 assists and 4 steals against Lone Star College North last December.

Jodie Meeks Signs with the Los Angeles Lakers

Former Kentucky star Jodie Meeks has signed a two-year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

AlexKennedyNBA Jodie Meeks has signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, according to sources close to the situation. Meeks' deal is two years, $3 million.

Meeks will be joining a loaded Lakers' roster that includes the likes of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant.

Video: John Wall Makes Poster in Drew League Game

Check out John Wall throwing down on a defender during a game in the Los Angeles Drew League:

* video by 220LifeStyle on YouTube

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Kenneth Faried Hanging Out at the Firing Range

Former Morehead State star Kenneth Faried spent some time at the shooting range over the weekend.

No really:

KennethFaried35 Need I say more? @ LAX Firing Range

Here is Faried doing what he does best:

DeMarcus Cousins to Play for Team Baltimore Tuesday

Former Kentucky big man DeMarcus Cousins will be playing in a summer exhibition game pitting Team Baltimore against the Under Armour Pro Team.

Cousins will be playing for Team Baltimore, which also includes Josh Selby, Donte Green, Will Barton and Kim English.

Brandon Jennings tweeted about the event recently:

BRAND0NJENNINGS Next Tuesday St.Francis High School in B-More 8pm B-More's Best vs @UnderArmour Me, DeAndre, Derrick, Kemba and GV

BRAND0NJENNINGS Donte Green, DeMarcus Cousins, Josh Selby, Will Barton and Kim English. Team Bmore for Tuesday


Tyrone Brazelton is Headed to Germany for 2012-13

Former Western Kentucky star Tyrone Brazelton has signed a contract with Nuernberger BC of Germany's second-level Bundesliga Pro A league.

Here is more from

Former Erie BayHawks point guard Tyrone Brazelton (6'1''-G-86, college: W.Kentucky) is returning to Europe after a season in the NBA D-League.

Brazelton, 26, has signed with Nuernberger BC of Germany's Bundesliga Pro A. In 2011 he played eight games in Germany with Eisbaeren Bremerhaven of the BBL, averaging 7.9 points and 2.4 assists. Brazelton also has played professionally in Latvia and Poland.

The 6-foot guard from Chicago averaged 8.4 points, 4.7 assists and 2.1 rebounds in 20 games after the BayHawks claimed him from the D-League available player pool in February. He went undrafted out of Western Kentucky in 2008

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The Goonies Go To Los Angeles...A Kyle Wiltjer Production

Check out this video of The Goonies (Kyle Wiltjer and Willie Cauley-Stein) in Los Angeles:

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