Friday, March 14, 2014

Kareem Canty: "I will not be returning back to Marshall next year"

Marshall freshman point guard Kareem Canty is not happy that Tom Herrion has been fired.

Canty fired away on Twitter earlier, stating that he will not be back in Huntington next season.

KCANTY1 Smh bad year bad news I loved playing for him not his fault we lost games

KCANTY1  But I can't hold this in any longer I will not be returning back to Marshall next year ! It's been fun

Canty averaged 16.3 points and 5.5 assists per game as a freshman this season.


Anonymous said...

Poor little Kareem...they fired his coach so he's gonna take his ball and go find somewhere else to play. Get used to it Canty; it's called real life and shit like this happens all the time. What did you think Marshall was going to do with a coach who could only win 11 games overall and 4 in C-USA? Give him a raise? You say it's not his fault...whose fault is it, yours? Must be, because you said "it's been fun", so you must enjoy losing or just don't care. Good luck finding another place to play. Once a coach reads your blogs/twitter, etc. he'll realize he doesn't need you either. And if you want to have fun, sitting out that transfer year and losing a year of eligibility is about as fun as it gets. Grow up kid, or learn to keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

How about the fact that maybe he isn't happy at Marshall and wants to be close to home? Did that ever cross your mind....NO it did not! He also said that he learned alot from his coach last year but I guess you missed that as well huh? "It's been fun" maybe was referring to the college experience and playing in C-USA or the fact that he enjoyed his teammates. There are plenty of schools who will welcome Mr. Kareem Canty and there might be one that he would like to transfer to but the school won't let him because Marshall has already lost another guard to this school in NY! That also has never crossed your mind huh? So stop bashing this kid as if you know him or know what he is going through. Also I am sure that Kareem Canty knows that he could possibly be losing a year of eligibility if he is granted his transfer.

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