Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Eric Bledsoe Talks Call of Duty, Extension and More with Dime Magazine

Former Kentucky star Eric Bledsoe recently talked to Dime Magazine about several topics, including Call of Duty, his contract extension in Phoenix and more.

Here is an excerpt:

Dime: Do you bring the Call of Duty on the road at all, or is it more of an offseason thing?
EB: Oh, I play during the season, especially when I’m at home. I don’t really change the player too much when I’m on the road. I’m playing so much, I’m trying to get rest.

Dime: Do you let people know it’s Eric Bledsoe when you’re online, or do you keep it anonymous? What’s your screen name?
EB: My screen name is just eb2, buy some people know who it is, but when I get into the game, I don’t think people really know.

Dime: So no one comes at you, like ‘I’m gonna take out Eric Bledsoe’?
EB: [Laughs] Nah, all the guys don’t know me when I play the game.

Dime: Did you play against any of your teammates during your one season in Kentucky? Like with John [Wall] or Boogie [DeMarcus Cousins] or anyone?
EB: No, I didn’t really play it until my first year in the NBA…I wasn’t really into video games when I was in college.

Dime: On the basketball front, has it been a relief to you when you signed an extension and you’re kind of locked in? Was that something you didn’t really want hanging over your head going into the season?
EB: No, I wasn’t worried about it. I went last season without signing a contract, but…I wasn’t worried about. I love playing the game, and I was gonna play the game.

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