Thursday, November 6, 2014

Former Kentucky Recruit Noah Cottrill Bounces Back with Georgetown College

Noah Cottrill, who was once a top 100 recruit from West Virginia, will visit Rupp Arena Sunday as a key member of the Georgetown Tigers.

Cottrill is a great example of a kid who went down the wrong path but has managed to fight back and get his life back on track.

Once a heralded recruit, who had the interest of Kentucky and then head coach Billy Gillispie, Cottrill got addicted to prescription drugs and almost lost everything.

He committed to Florida originally, then ended up at West Virginia. He couldn't make it in Morgantown, so he played a season at West Virginia Wesleyan. From there, he found his way to Georgetown College, which head coach Chris Briggs says is a place for second chances.

Cottrill is making the most of his second chance with the Tigers. He is averaging 24 points per game in three games this season and says he has been sober since December 7, 2011.

Jerry Tipton of the Herald Leader had a great interview with Cottrill. Here is an excerpt:

"I am an addict," he said before Georgetown's practice Wednesday. "And I'll be an addict for the rest of my life."

He's been hailed as the top high school prospect in West Viginia, the heir apparent to O.J. Mayo. A basketball celebrity while still in puberty. "At the highest of highs," Cottrill said. "Not being able to go anywhere without being recognized."

After leaving West Virginia University in the first semester of his freshman year, Cottrill entered a drug rehabilitation facility in Michigan. The player who led Logan High School to the 2010 West Virginia Class AAA state championship found himself "restricted in a room with no TV, no cellphone," he said. "With your blanket. With a book to read. For 30 days. And talking to people that you don't think you should be in a place with."

He's called his journey a "great process of humbling." It's not a trip he talks much about publicly. He does so now because, he says, his example might help the next Noah Cottrill or, maybe, some anonymous someone tempted to take drugs.

"Early in my recovery, I'd never thought I'd do this," he told the interviewer. "Man, I want to hide in my shell and never tell anybody what I did. Now, I think it will really educate people. How scary, and how real it really is."

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My Thoughts: Stay strong Noah. Your story will be a great inspiration to others who struggle with addiction. Nice article Jerry!

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