Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Former Morehead State Player Ty Proffitt Promoted to Video Coordinator at Tennessee

Former Morehead State University guard Ty Proffitt has been promoted from graduate assistant to video coordinator at the University of Tennessee.

Proffitt played for Tennessee head coach Donnie Tyndall at Morehead State.

Beau Braden previously served as video coordinator but was promoted to full time assistant coach earlier this week in the aftermath of Adam Howard's resignation.

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Beau Braden has been elevated from video coordinator to succeed Howard on the coaching staff. Braden was director of basketball operations Tyndall’s final year at Morehead State (2011-12) and was a full-time assistant at the school the next two seasons.

"Beau is a very intelligent, hard-working guy," Tyndall said. "In game preparation, he will be organized and do a fantastic job. He was on the floor as a full-time coach for two years at Morehead State, so he has experience in regard to being on the practice floor and recruiting. So I'm very comfortable and confident he'll do a good job."

Ty Proffitt, who played for Tyndall at Morehead, has been elevated from graduate assistant to fill Braden’s role as video coordinator.

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