Friday, November 7, 2014

NBC Sports Ranks Kentucky No. 1 for 2014-15

NBC Sports has joined the long line of media entities to name Kentucky No. 1 heading into the 2014-15 season.

Rob Dauster of NBC Sports has a preview of the Cats.

Rather than focus on the positives, which we already know for the most part (duh, they're loaded), let's take a look at what Dauster says could possibly go wrong this season.

Here is an excerpt:

But they might disappoint because … There are a number of concerns that I have about this Kentucky teams, so lets roll them out in bullet form:

•First and foremost, I’m not convinced that the platoon system is actually going to work. When Kentucky faces teams that they should beat — Grand Canyon and Buffalo and Boston U. — it will be effective because the Wildcats simply are that much more talented. But what happens when they square off with teams that can actually beat them? Will Coach Cal be willing to give Marcus Lee or Trey Lyles their full rotations if they aren’t playing well? Will he be willing to play crunch time minutes without his five best players on the floor? If someone sees their minutes cut, will Cal be able to keep the peace in the locker room?

•There is no natural small forward on this team. There are, however, six guys that play the four and the five spot. Alex Poythress is the guy that’s being forced into the role, but his natural position is as an undersized power forward. Lyles is really skilled for a power forward, but he’s a four through and through. Lee is, obviously, a four. The best lineup that Kentucky fields might end up having three guards on the floor. Who gets their minutes cut if Cal plays, say, Tyler Ulis and the Harrisons?

•Karl Towns is better than Dakari Johnson and Willie Cauley-Stein. Trey Lyles is better than Poythress and Lee. Ulis may be the best point guard on the roster. What happens if the freshmen end up getting all the minutes?

•And lastly, I think that the Harrisons are going to have big years. I think that Aaron will be the team’s best perimeter scorer and Andrew will take control of the team at the point guard spot. But there’s no guarantee that they make that leap.

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They won't be in the Final Poll. The only poll that matters.

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