Friday, December 12, 2014

Jason King's Article About Willie Cauley-Stein is Must Read Material

Kentucky fans will want to do themselves a favor and read Jason King's incredible (and lengthy) article about UK big man Willie Cauley-Stein.

Here is an excerpt:

Shortly after the conclusion of last season, Willie Cauley-Stein approached his grandmother with a serious question.

"Granny," he asked Norma Stein, "would you be mad if I didn't go to the NBA?"

Despite being sidelined with an ankle injury during the Final Four, Cauley-Stein had shown enough promise as a sophomore to be tagged a potential lottery pick in the 2014 NBA draft. Still, when he posed that question to Norma, Cauley-Stein wasn't debating whether he should turn pro that summer.

"He wanted to know what I'd think if he didn't turn pro at all—as in, ever," Norma said. "For a while he was really gung-ho about the NBA. I still think he wants to go. But he's just interested in so many different things besides basketball."

Indeed, chat with Cauley-Stein long enough, and you'll likely hear about his desire to start his own clothing line.

The guy who wears bow ties and cutoff sweatpants likes to watch zombie movies and has been known to ride a skateboard to class. His former roommate, Alex Poythress, joked last year that Cauley-Stein is often in "La La Land."

During a recent conversation with Bleacher Report, the topics that made Cauley-Stein perk up the most were, one, his days as a football standout at Olathe (Kansas) Northwest High School, and two, using his pedestal as a Kentucky athlete to touch and influence others.

"I want to change lives," he said.

As for basketball?

Cauley-Stein enjoys the game.

"But I don't know if he loves it," said Shields, the guardian. "He hasn't been bitten by the basketball bug yet."

Read the Complete Article (Trust it)

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