Saturday, December 27, 2014

John Calipari Talks About Louisville Game; Says It's "Just the next game for us"

Kentucky head coach John Calipari talks about today's game against Louisville.

Five things that stood out:

1. Calipari says it's "just the next game on the schedule for us" and he doesn't want "to make it bigger than it is." He then smiled and added, "now, if we win, it'll be a huge game..."

2. He knows Louisville will be ready. "I know Rick will have his team ready."

3. Fun with Alan Cutler. Cutler interrupted one of Cal's comments and Cal joked, "he chases people down the hall and doesn't listen."

4. He knows Louisville has talent. Even Smith. Smith?

5. He expects Louisville to be very physical. Calipari compared them to Texas from a physicality standpoint.

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