Thursday, January 22, 2015

Central Coach Doug Bibby Hires Lawyer Following Incident at Louisville Invitational Tournament

Central High School head coach Doug Bibby has hired a lawyer and is apparently considering legal action following an ugly incident that occurred prior to his team's semifinal game at the Louisville Invitational Tournament last weekend.

Bibby became upset when one of his players was asked to walk around the gym to the pass gate for coaches and players instead of being allowed through the main gate for fans, even though the player had a ticket.

A security guard confronted Bibby at the front door and a police officer eventually joined the conversation.

Here is Bibby's account of what happened via The Courier-Journal:

“I was standing there with his ticket, and they made him walk all the way around the gym in the cold when our locker room was right next to where we were standing,” Bibby told The Courier-Journal on Saturday. “Then officer comes over and tells me I should move on and then grabs me. I said, ‘Why are you grabbing me?’ Then he shoved me against the concession stand. I moved my shoulder around, and he says, ‘You just shoved an officer.’ He says he’s arresting me and takes me out to the (police) car.”

Bibby was cited for disorderly conduct and released. He was suspended from coaching his team during the semifinal game of the LIT.

Now, Bibby says he has hired a lawyer and his legal team has video evidence of the incident.

Here is more from Jason Frakes of

Bibby said he has hired a lawyer, Michael Goodwin, in response to the treatment he received from the police officer. He would not comment further, except to say, “We have video evidence.”

“The bottom line and the most important thing is that I’m on the sideline coaching and mentoring these young men,” Bibby said. “That means everything to me and is what I’m passionate about.

“I was surprised to read statements on Saturday by individuals who were not present at the time and never asked my version of the events Saturday morning. I hope those initial statements made by individuals not present don’t unfairly compromise the opinions of people who read them. I’m just happy to move past this so I can continue the great year I’m having with my guys at Central.”

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Central lost the semifinal game 77-61 to No. 1 Ballard. The Yellowjackets are currently 10-5 and have won four of their last five games.

My thoughts: I can't comment on the incident between Bibby and tournament officials, but I do have one thought on the matter.

I think the real problem is the process by which players and coaches had to enter the arena. To me, it would make more sense to give all players, coaches and staff VIP passes and allow them to enter the arena at their leisure.

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