Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lincoln County Parts the Red Sea, Takes Over the Lead for Student Section of the Season

With an incredible showing in last week's game against Boyle County, Lincoln County has taken the lead in the Student Section of the Season Contest.

1. Lincoln County's Rednation

- Why they are here: the Lincoln County students put on an excellent show to set the stage for their team's impressive win over the Boyle County Rebels. The students were loud and more than 90% were decked out in red. It truly was a red nation.

- What really stood out: what really stood out to me was having a student dressed as Moses from Biblical times. Moses then walked over and "parted" the red sea...which consisted of the entire student section decked in red.

- Other notes: the students were loud and really into the game, but they didn't cross any lines (no cussing, no over the top chants, etc.). It was just good, clean fun and that's what the student section contest is all about.

2. Boyle County's Rebel Rowdies

- Why they are here: the Rebel Rowdies have a long, proud tradition as one of the state's best student sections. They were previously in the lead but have dropped to No. 2 this week. They are still firmly holding on to the second spot because they had a great showing on the road at Lincoln County.

- What I loved: I love that the Rowdies always have a theme and they always have most everyone on board. They are well organized and the outfits are hilarious.

- The good news for the Rowdies: you are No. 2 right now, but I'll be watching you at least two more times this season (once at Mercer County and Lincoln County's visit to Danville). You still have an excellent chance to win the contest.

3. Knott County Central (not sure what they call themselves)

- Why they are here: the Knott Central students have always been strong. I've been watching them for several seasons. I really enjoyed the toilet theme at the WYMT Mountain Classic. The students were well organized and everyone seemed into it.

- KCC will also have several more chances: I'll be watching Knott Central against soon, probably more than once. I'll keep you posted so you can be ready.

4. Danville (not sure what they call themselves)

- The Ads had a strong showing at Danville but I'll need to see them at home. I'll let you know when I'll be stopping by.

5. Marshall County (not sure what they call themselves)

- I'll need to watch you guys in a rivalry game before I can make a final decision. I like what I saw earlier this season but I have a feeling the Marshals will have a chance to move up soon.

Coming soon:

- Soon, I'll be checking out Covington Catholic, Mercer County (for the Boyle County game), Taylor County and Somerset. I'll let you all know the dates on Twitter.

Would you like a chance?

- If I haven't mentioned your school and you'd like to compete, shoot me a message on Twitter and let me know. I'll come check you out, but you'll have to bring it strong to enter the top 3.

Twitter: @awireman

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