Monday, January 12, 2015

What Has Happened to Ashland Paul Blazer Basketball?

What has happened to Ashland Paul Blazer basketball?

Historically speaking, Ashland is one of the top boy's basketball programs in Kentucky.

This season, the Tomcats are (an unbelievable) 0-15. This is by far the worst start to a season by any team in the storied history of Ashland basketball.

There are likely wins coming soon (surely they will get a win or two over Rose Hill, right?) but clearly things are not well in Ashland.

The Tomcats recently finished last place in the Ashland Invitational Tournament. Has that ever happened before?

I have to admit...I never thought the day would come when I would write an article about a winless Ashland team.

Here's what the Tomcats have left on the schedule:

Jan 13, 15 Fairview away 7:30 PM
Jan 16, 15 Mason County home 7:30 PM
Jan 17, 15 Ironton, OH away 7:30 PM
Jan 20, 15 Rose Hill Christian away 7:30 PM
Jan 23, 15 Boyd County home 7:30 PM
Jan 24, 15 Spring Valley, WV home 7:30 PM
Jan 27, 15 East Carter home 7:30 PM
Jan 30, 15 Fairview home 7:30 PM
Feb 3, 15 Elliott County away 7:30 PM
Feb 7, 15 Fleming County home 7:30 PM
Feb 7, 15 Rose Hill Christian home 1:00 PM
Feb 10, 15 Rowan County away 7:30 PM
Feb 12, 15 Johnson Central home 7:30 PM
Feb 17, 15 West Carter home 7:30 PM
Feb 20, 15 Russell home 7:30 PM

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