Friday, February 6, 2015

Boyle County's Rebel Rowdies Are What High School Basketball Is All About

I have determined that Boyle County's Rebel Rowdies are the epitome of what a great high school basketball student section should be.

The Rowdies bring it hard every night, but perhaps the best pep section effort I've witnessed since I've been doing this site was last week when Lincoln County came to town.

I am officially naming the Rowdies the Student Section of the Season for 2015.

Some factors that sealed the deal for Boyle County:

- They are always well-organized and prepared. It is very obvious that the Rowdies have solid leadership and all the students are on board.

- They bring it hard every game but don't cross the line with inappropriate language or signage. I watched the Rowdies 5-6 times in the last 2 seasons and the worst thing I noticed was chanting "daddy's boy" at Brad Calipari, which was actually kind of funny since John Calipari was sitting in the stands smiling.

- They put a ton of effort into each game. One source told me that the Rowdies spent more than three days preparing for Lincoln County.

- They don't take a break during the games. Win or lose, the Rowdies chant throughout and never give up on a game.

- They take their show on the road. I am very impressed that the Rowdies even travel with their team.

- They had a fathead...of me. That speaks for itself. Thank you guys for doing that.

I'd like to give a shout out to Lincoln County and Mercer County, as well. From top to bottom, the 12th Region has some of the best student sections in Kentucky High School Basketball.

Oh, and one last note, this contest was about fun. Nothing more and nothing less. The student section is meant to be fun and I love that all the kids enjoyed themselves this season.

I kind of ran out of time this season but I'll be looking at some other regions soon (looking at you Covington Catholic).

Good luck in the last few games of the regular season and tournament time!

NOTE: Videos coming soon...

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