Monday, February 23, 2015

Miami (FL) Says Louisville Team Doctors Actually Cleared Player Hit in the Face

Miami (FL) is upset that Rick Pitino questioned the "Miami doctor" following Saturday's game in Louisville.

Miami's Tonye Jekiri was hit in the face by a ball thrown by Louisville's Montrezl Harrell.

Jekiri was eventually cleared and ended up returning to the game.

Following the game, Pitino joked that Louisville needs to hire the Miami doctors because Jekiri went from concussed to playing most of the second half.

The Miami staff are clearly not happy with those comments and have pointed out that Jekiri was actually cleared by a Cardinals team doctor.

Here is an excerpt from

Upset by the notion that they would use a concussed player, Miami officials said Monday that Tonye Jekiri returned to the Hurricanes' game against Louisville over the weekend only after being cleared by a Cardinals team doctor.

Jekiri was shaken up after Louisville's Montrezl Harrell threw a ball in his face late in the first half of what became the Cardinals' 55-53 victory on Saturday. A Miami trainer suspected that Jekiri may have been concussed, and the Hurricanes said Louisville's doctor then checked his condition.

After the game, Louisville coach Rick Pitino questioned why "that Miami doctor" would have allowed Jekiri to return if a concussion was suspected. That comment and others in Pitino's postgame news conference raised Miami's ire, and prompted Hurricanes athletic director Blake James to say so on Monday.

"Our medical team and trainers at the University of Miami are among the very best in the country and any suggestion otherwise is way off base," James said.

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