Tuesday, February 3, 2015

One Coach Votes Gonzaga No. 1 Over Kentucky in USA Today Coaches Poll

For whatever reason, one coach has given his first place vote to one-loss Gonzaga rather than undefeated Kentucky in the USA Today Coaches Poll.

Gonzaga has only played one top 20 team and that was a 66-63 loss to Arizona. Their only other win over a ranked opponent was an early-season 72-56 win over then No. 22 SMU.

Meanwhile, Kentucky has knocked off No. 5 Kansas, No. 6 Texas, No. 21 North Carolina and No. 4 Louisville.

The two teams also share a common opponent in UCLA. Gonzaga cruised by the Bruins 87-74. Kentucky absolutely dismantled UCLA 83-44 on a neutral court.

In other words, outside of political reasons, there is no logical excuse to vote for Gonzaga over Kentucky at this point of the season.

Louisville (18-3) is No. 8 this week.

USA Today Coaches Poll

1 Kentucky (31) 21-0 799
2 Gonzaga (1) 22-1 749
3 Virginia 19-1 709
4 Wisconsin 19-2 703
5 Duke 18-3 691
6 Arizona 20-2 650
7 Villanova 19-2 595
8 Louisville 18-3 560
9 Kansas 18-3 549
10 Notre Dame 20-3 530
11 Utah 17-4 417 12 West Virginia 18-3 408 13 North Carolina 17-5 399 14 Iowa State 16-4 396 15 Northern Iowa 20-2 374 16 Maryland 18-4 319 17 Wichita St 19-3 316 18 Virginia Commonwealth 17-4 214 19 Baylor 16-5 207 20 Ohio State 17-5 173 21 Oklahoma 14-7 138 22 Butler 16-6 94 23 SMU 18-4 68 24 Georgetown 15-6 57 25 Indiana 16-6 49

Others receiving votes: Arkansas 39, Colorado St 37, Texas 37, Dayton 27, San Diego St 25, Texas A&M 16, Wyoming 10, Providence 9, Tulsa 8, Seton Hall 7, Stephen F. Austin 7, TCU 5, Michigan St 5, Stanford 2, LSU 1, Valparaiso 1


Anonymous said...

Which ever coach who voted Gonzaga number one should have a psychological evaluation done.....or maybe he is just an idiot.... who has Gonzaga really played other than Arizona and the Zags lost.....I don't even see them as a top 10 team.... NCAA tournament will prove that to be true when they lose.

Anonymous said...

Well said!!!.....Zags will probably lose in the first round of NCAA tourney... let them face an Big 10, Big 12, ACC or SEC team.....they will go down...no way Zags could beat any one of the top 10 ranked teams. Kentucky, Wisconsin, Louisville,Virginia, Duke, NO WAY!!

Anonymous said...

I agree..no way the Zags are the number one team in the country what a discredit to the USA Today Coaches Poll that they would allow someone to make that vote.......how many teams other then the Zags from the West Coast conference will even make the NCAA tourney? probably none......how many form the SEC 6-8 teams...ACC 5-6 teams...Big 12 4-6 teams, Big 10 3-5 teams....etc......

Anonymous said...

Maybe the coach knew the reaction it would get from "Big Blue Nation" and decided to tweak them a little. I think its hilarious. As far as someone needing a psychological evaluation a lot of UK fans fit that bill.

Anonymous said...

True that...after Kentucky goes 40-0 and wins the NCAA Championship a lot of fans will go crazy and will need psychological evaluations......hillarious indeed!!

Anonymous said...

My ass, what happened to the last 40-0? Y'all need an evaluation.

Anonymous said...

Your ass is not a subject anyone wants to hear about......regarding NCAA Men's basketball agreed, it is very difficult to go 40-0 but Kentucky is still undefeated and they do have the talent and depth to go 40-0....everyone needs to remember it has been done before by Indiana back in 75 with Bobby Knight's team....so it is possible....time will tell....and remember Wichita State almost did it last year until they lost to Kentucky in the NCAA tourney....like I said time will tell and if they do pull it off they will go down as one of the greatest NCAA Division I teams of all times....I think it would be cool to see another team accomplish it......it just happens to be Kentucky this year....

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